If you've cruised around Lies People Tell, you're probably already aware that we're pretty darn neutral on just about all controversies, taking the position that LIES HAPPEN and our only defense is to get them out in front of ourselves where we can see them.

But what happens when we can't see them? There's no defense against against a subliminal slur.

Sound off below on: Who's the bigger liar: George W. Bush or Al Gore?

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George W Bush lies!

george bush is the biggest terr. of them all
don't send your sons to fight or die for himm
                --- alex

george bush is the biggest terr. of them all
don't send your sons to fight or die for himm
                --- alex

george w bush is a dumbass, i can't imagine how anyone could be such a fucking moron to vote for him
                --- chris mcfayden

ur justa buncha mothafockers who have no lives. go get one.
                --- Karun Amar

Bush is a complete douche bag, cheer leading, draft dodging illiterate. Lying, exemplifies the very height of his intellectual abilities!
                --- rocky

bush is a flaming faggot.
                --- Joe

How can he think that more oil is a solution to our energy crisis? I don't believe he does - he is just using the crisis while he still can to make money and connections. He should be looking at alternate, renewable energy sources (solar, wind, geothermal).
                --- me

Of course Bush lies, he's a politician. What is more worrying is that the man thinks you have troops where you don't, has left the country about 5 times in his life, and signed death warrants for adults with learning disabilities in Texas.He obviously thinks these things are fine and don't require a cover-up. I wouldn't like to think what he lies about.
                --- kim

George Bush's lies are in the simplicity of his manner. He makes you believe that he is a simple and honest man, when in reality he has spent most of his adult life in a greedy money making frenzy.

He claims to be a man of the people when he has NEVER been among the people. He is of the privileged and he will only PROTECT the privileged.

If you are of the privileged -- he's your man. If you are like the rest of us you should VOTE FOR GORE!!!

                --- "Anon"

You've gotta hand it to GEORGE W. BUSH for NOT lying about the fact that he intends to give HUGE tax breaks to the TOP 1% of the most wealthy Americans!!

Hooray for a candidate who will publicly admit to favoring the the TOP 1% of the population over the other 99% --

And thank goodness that the other 99% are so stupid that they don't seem to realize that George Bush would only use his election to benefit the wealthy at the expense of every one else.

Yes! Yeah for honesty!

AMERICA -- WAKE UP!! This guy is a conman!!!!

                --- "Anon"

The guy can't even string two words together and he wants to be President?
                --- "Anon"

Dick Cheney Didn't Vote for Bush -- Why should anyone else????

                --- "Anon"

Someone, somewhere
once said, "it's amazing
how much good can be
accomplished by
corrupt men
in high

George W.Bush
has sprung high
enough from the
family bush already.
Texas deserves to keep
Governor Bush in office
'till his term is over!
And, Dick Cheney, who failed
to even vote in thirteen of
sixteen elections, left Texas,
so it wouldn't appear like there
were two running mates from the
same state. Who are they trying to kid,
Charlie Brown? Perhaps, since Charlie's
favorite expletive was, "RATS!"
                --- Robert R. Cobb

Jimmy (the next message in this collumn) makes a good point and it was one we thought of: Should we include Nader in this forum. We decided that Nader is the only candidate out there telling the truth and so we have excluded him from this discussion on those grounds -- to see Nader's truth visit: http://www.votenader.com/
                --- Your Humble Editor

Oh this is just GREAT!! Even a little website like LiesPeopleTell.com is falling into the trap of excluding Ralph Nadar! Ralph Nadar is running for President!! If you media jokers out there would stop excluding him, well, maybe, just maybe, people WOULD GET TO HEAR HIS MESSAGE.

I'm pissed about this -- it makes me want to return the LiePeopleTell T-shirt I bought last month but it's really the coolest of my shirts at present -- I just hope you guys will open up your minds and INCLUDE NADAR!!
                --- Jimmy Simpson

I'm inclined to agree with the fellow whose entry comes below mine but I think that we can say the same thing without resorting to that kind of language.

I think George W.s big strength is that his daddy was president -- |don't think that means he should or even can become one. Who is this guy except for a priveledged geek. Let's get real on this!
                --- "Anon"

He is a fucking liar. Mother fucker shouldnt be running for anything if he fucking lies. Fucking asshole.
                --- Anon

I thought that the RATS subliminal message in the BUSH ad was just insane!! It was no accident. This guy comes from a long line of savvy movers and shakers. He knows that no half intelligent American is going to vote for him, so he has resorted to manipulating the masses by putting a subliminal message out over the airwaves. We all cringe from RATS -- gotta admit he knows what he's doing!

Thank god that this site is opening up this discussion! This is a topic that deserves to be discussed.
                --- Jeremy Stevens



Click here to declare:
Al Gore lies!

Al Gore is WAY to confident. For example when he applied for only one college Harvard, and he was turned down, it never occured to him that he wouldn't get in!
                --- Fred V.

How about in the first debate...
Al sighs during George's rebuttals and then says... "I didn't think anyone could hear me"
It's TV butthead, not only could you be heard you could be seen. These excuses (lies) weren't valid with mommy and shouldn't be valid with the American populace.
                --- "Anon"

I find it amazing that given the history of lies, deception and deceit that we have seen the past several years from the leadership of the party Al Gore is representing, that this column has not swallowed the other side of the forum.

Does the US consist entirely of co-dependent adult children of alcoholics who cannot draw a line and say this man [woman] has lied -- and this is unacceptable? Doesn't anyone notice ... or care?

If a man who has been in public leadership for as many years as Mr. Gore has been goes into a pre-arranged large meeting and does not know what the purpose / goal of that meeting is, he is poorly equipped to be president (Buddhist temple ... did the nuns get reimbursed?). If on the other hand he does know what the meeting is about, then 1) he knew it was illegal and should have told his staff to bag it. 2) He lied about it.

What about the "coffees" he danced about the language on. What is this ... a Harvard educated man who went to Harvard to learn how to play games with Plain English? The motto at Harvard has something to do with "veritas" -- "truth."
He knew what the "coffees" were for and his side kick went to jail as a felon for doing it. Nice one. And the Texas lawyers who were donating to the Dems? To block tort reform?

A recent one (there have been so many it is hard to keep up with them all) is the cost of his dog "Shiloh's" medicine versus Tipper's mother's. If he had done the generic "Pets medicine cost less than people medicine for the same thing" that would have been one form of hyperbole. (I spend more on my dog each year than I do at my doctor's.) But to give medicine name and price to the penny and then have it fabricated? Who is kidding who.

If a man lies about stuff like dog medicine and the Internet {DUMB -- really DUMB things}-- and then you see it where it involves personal responsility and culpability -- what will he do when he is under pressure?

I for one want to have more of our personal time as a nation dealing issues that are significant, not wasting time on people whose personal values and lives are so screwed up they have to suck the rest of the country into it making us part of their lies... Sheesh ... sounds like people I have worked with. Better get back to helping the little guys sort out what the crap of the secrets, lies and deceptions they practice to "protect" themselves and figure out how to live better than that.

So what I would like in closing is to figure out why people accept the lies (they are lies by definition), hyperbole, and misrepresentation of himself? (The Love Story nonsense, the Internet claims, the Love Canal stuff, -- mmm he likes the word love and kisses his wife on stage ... maybe his foreign policy will kept our soldiers from getting killed in far off place tribal wars??)

                --- J. Lyons

I remember when Al Gore was on the forefront of lyrics censorship. His wife Tipper is the reason that those ugly black labels are on the CD's you buy. Like a well trained canary, their tune changed once Clinton made the VP call. In 1988 Tipper(supported by Al) spoke out AGAINST abortion. Keep that in mind before you blindly support someone because of their affiliation.
                --- "Anon"

Somebody should really count the number of times the words "leadership" and "vision" are used at the algore.com website -- lets get serious! Leadership and vision this and leadership and vision that. I'm with the lady whose message is below this one: Where's the beef! I'm waiting for the debates and I hope I hear something I CAN BELIEVE!!!!
                --- Joleen Spears

I think that Gore's lies are just more subtle. He's all theory and no substance. Listen to see if he uses concrete details in the upcoming debates. (To be honest I was disapointed that Bush was trying to weasle out of the debates.)

I think the important thing is that people listen for when they are being subliminally manipulated by sweet words that have no facts or logic backing them up.
                --- Elizabeth Sanders



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