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about lies, deceptions, betrayals
and other expectations


Haiku is perhaps the subtlest form of verse that's been invented.
I have tried to lay these out on the page so that we can center
them alone in a field of white and let their meanings wash over our consciences.

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grandpa's hands widen
with each retelling
of the one that got away

                                                                                Donald McLeod
                                                                                     Sherman Oaks, CA



used car salesman --
the pull of his pitch
still in his handshake

                                                                     Donald McLeod
                                                                          Sherman Oaks, CA



pawnshop owner --
his establishing
"it ain't worth much" look

                                                                           Donald McLeod
                                                                                Sherman Oaks, CA





mockingbird sings
the oriole's song
but gray feathers remain






my lie anthology
performed every day
it won the pulitzer

                                                                                        todd hoff





floral centerpiece
at the campaign fundraiser
-blossoming lies

                                                                                       Jean King





still moving
along my rose border-
the headless snake





new moon rising-
caught in its horns
the stadium lights







elevator ride
avoiding her eyes
avoiding mine

                                                                                        John Sheirer




we've always been close she says long distance

                                                                                       John Sheirer




rain again today
calling when I know
she's not home

                                                                                       John Sheirer





trying too hard
to look interested
he checks his watch again

                                                                                       John Sheirer






hidden under
the committee meeting agenda
a book of poems

                                                                                       John Sheirer






taking down
the christmas lights
sweating from the june heat

                                                                                       John Sheirer







october windstorm
in the yard across the street
broken campaign signs

                                                                                       John Sheirer






in town for a funeral
but the motel man
gives me a wink

                                                                                       John Sheirer





college sweetheart
we catch each other
staring at gray hairs

                                                                                       John Sheirer





the morning after
lying along
with the radio love song

                                                                                       John Sheirer





sick of work     I call in sick

                                                                                       John Sheirer





staff meeting
someone farts
adding to the gas

                                                                                       John Sheirer




heavy rains --
she folds up the letter
as he enters

                                                                               AC Missias





the clink of dishes --
she talks and laughs
not meeting his gaze

                                                                               AC Missias




home late --
pausing at the door
he sniffs his lapels

                                                                               AC Missias





grandfather's wince
as he rises from his gardening
"a lovely day"

                                                                               AC Missias




He says: I love you
She says: I love you
One lies

                                                                                Alan Gould



mirrored image stares
back at me, then forms the face
I show to strangers

                                                                                   Francine Porad




the fisherman's grin
holding his catch close
to the camera
                                                                                   Francine Porad





husband spellbound—
his wife’s version
of their courtship
                                                                                   Francine Porad





on stage
flaunting his brawn
papier-mâché weights
                                                                                   Francine Porad




another disguise:
the stranger
in last night's dream
                                                                                   Francine Porad





a love affair                                          
        the psychic hedges                   
if you want it
                                                                                   Francine Porad



Summer promised not
to take an autumn lover
but she lied she lied

                                                                     Marie Heese
                                                                                                   University of South Africa (Unisa)





Where is your homework?
You did it; your dog ate it
Heard that one before

                                                       DeVar Dahl




Finished the essay
but his printer's out of ink
school wide ink shortage

                                                       DeVar Dahl




I am not talking
it must be the other guy
school ventriloquist

                                                       DeVar Dahl





With this warantee
you are covered stem to stern--
minor exceptions.
                                                                                Charles Albano




It is beyond me
to lie or withhold the truth--
never question me.
                                                                                Charles Albano




It's the game that counts--
a sound rule, but don't expect
virtue in defeat.
                                                                                Charles Albano




I am here for you;
I will spare you from yourself--
surrender yourself to me.
                                                                                Charles Albano





If I was speeding
my speedometer was wrong
or your radar was.
                                                                                Charles Albano




Tax will not increase
in my administration--
he meant it then.
                                                                                Charles Albano




I loved you always,
though in the arms of others,
there was only you.
                                                                                Charles Albano





This war will bring peace,
put an end to injustice--
this one is righteous. 
                                                                                Charles Albano




Proceeds benefit
my favorite charity,
let me assure you.
                                                                                Charles Albano




We are flawed at birth
having fallen from God's grace
we must be redeemed.
                                                                                Charles Albano



Love and friendship rule
this holy commune--
turn in all your wealth.
                                                                                Charles Albano



do not say you'll call
when you have no intention
of doing so, schmuck.

                                                                                  David Eisner



yardwork beckons me.
i will do it tomorrow...
i lie to myself.
                                                                       Cindy Riedi





one day, love i say...
one true love forever mine.
one day never comes.

                                                                        Cindy Riedi


greatness lies ahead
no limits ever. for me,
                                                                        Cindy Riedi



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