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                --- "Anon"

I was seeing this girl for three years and we lived together.
One night while i was in bed she said she needed to look up some information about law and different lawyers in our area.
I suspected something so in the morning when she left i check our computer and the sites she had been on. There was no sites about law or lawyers only porn sites of naked men.
also chat site with rooms titled "Home alone and flirting" When i saw her again i asked her nicely if she went on any adult sites.
She went on to put me in my place telling me how i dont trust and how our relationship is going to crumble due to my disbelieving her and never trusting her. She could have won an award for best actress. She was 100% believable she went on to rub in my face how rotton i was for even asking a question like that. If i had no proof i would have listen to her completly and i am not a person her trusts that easy.
when i hit her with the fact that it was all tracked down on the computer the bitch was nailed. I was never mean to her and paid all my attention on her.
We even had sex for hours before she went on the computer that night.

                --- mike

I heard if u use your brother's vibrator u can get pregnet is it true or not?
                --- Savannah Ludens

i am a guy, eventhough women had no raw power to recently (parts of earth only) they always could wield the most powerfull lie of all, "is it mine" i mean the baby. only the women new 100% which she could change the course of kingdoms (braveheart) at the best. And that is the root of guys jealousy. women gained alot of equal rights and power (physically to) a gun stops a tuff guy. But men got dna testing so they dont have to be jealous. You will get your answers if it eats you, and not from her. Less stress for nine months. be happy for nine months, steal a hair, and test it. best thing is you did not accuse your girl of lying if negative. Sorry gals, you did have the a great power in the past but equal rights is for humans. still a long way to go though
                --- David L Askari

All from the same woman (older, divorced, one teenage daughter at the time I started dating her):
"My ex-husband was a bastard who abused me psychologically until I divorced him." (Other way around. He left her--and gladly, judging by my experiences.)
"When we got divorced I could have had all everything he owned, but all I wanted was custody of my daughter." (Actually she was lucky to get even that...and a year later her own family actually went to court on her ex's behalf so that he could assume custody.)
"I have a B.S., double major in English Lit. and Psychology." (Telling colorful lies doesn't earn you a degree in English Lit., and being deviously manipulative doesn't earn you a degree in Psychology...fact is, she never finished her college education. Lied about this on her resume, too.)
"My family treats me horribly. They're always trying to control me and make my life the way THEY think it should be." (Her family is far kinder to her than she's ever deserved...even though they know her for the deceitful, manipulative bitch that she is. Mine would have disowned my long ago had I been half as evil as this bitch.)
"We don't need to use birth control. I'm physically incapable of getting pregnant." (Followed months later by...)
"I'm pregnant, and you're the father." (Followed six months after the birth...and large amounts of my
"It's really not your baby. I just used you as the scapegoat to cover for another guy who my family can't stand." (Okay, so this one's the truth. Terrible, but the truth, thank God.)
And, of course, the worst lie that this or any other woman can tell:
"I love you!"
Note that this same woman once swore to me that she had never cheated on her husband (when she was married) or even on a boyfriend. Ever.
Funny how, when I proposed to her (yeah, I know, what a dumb ass--she really had me snowed), she said "No, I can't marry you. But if I ever do get married, you'll be the one I come to for sex when I'm angry at my husband!"
Not to mention her denying everything when I finally saw her for what she is and called our company's HR dept. on her.
And she's stalking me still, despite all my best efforts to turn the other cheek and simply ignore her.
Psychotic. Pathalogical. And very, very, scary.

                --- "Anon"

                --- jd

                --- jd

Beware the lies of the middle-age single with children women. They will latch onto any man they think can improve their financial situation. They take advantage of their friends (stealing boyfriends)They declare their love (lie) very quickly and just as fast push engagement and getting married. They constantly think they are pregnant. They want to shop for rings immediately. If you are not lucky enough to see through their lie you will end up paying all her bills, raising her bratty kids and being miserable until you wise up and divorce her many many dollars later. I was very lucky. She got pregnant by another guy and married him less than 3 months after I dumped her. If you feel things are moving much to fast, dump her. There are a lot of fish out there. Use your head (the one on your shoulders).
                --- Bruce

Here is the best I've heard:
"I see myself being with you for the rest of my life"
My reply:

"You thinking about marrying me?"

Her response:

"No, not that!"

                --- Marc

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                --- lamrani

Here is a story about a woman who i think love to tell lies to men.;

She change her steady (boy friend) almost every 6 month. she just have them just to squeez caring and love out of them. And if she's is bored by that guy she dumped and get a new one.
she shares her xxx personal photo with anyone she meet (guys)
if the new guy find out about it she tells that she did not give the photo with "A" guy. So "B" guy asked the "A" guy how do he get the photo.
and "a" have to give the damm answers. she acted it like it was so real that "B" believed it. huh.
so CAUTON don't ever Trust women
                --- life is good with out lies (but it would be boring)

" i love to hear ure voice"
"Call me anytime you want"
                --- daniel zy

I find that the lies that they tell me are the ones I want to hear, such as "I Love You, I miss you, I want no other, no man ever made me feel like you do", and the list goes on. I must say it's sad, but true. The churches are even creeping with the vindictiveness of their behaviour. I also understand too, that the reason those women are like that is abuse they recieved from men.
                --- Kenn

By the way the stalking comment was completely a joke, however I'm certain it could be a remote possibility that a woman could lie about something like that.
                --- Drew

Trust me if You want to know the truth from me as to how I feel, You'll know!!!
Interpretation: I'm actually a coward, but I am going to make You think of me as the angel that has come to Your rescue.

Here is one from my friend Chris C.
If You have to ask, I'm not going to tell You!
This means: I'm an immature bitch and a lying whore, who would rather make You suffer than telling You the truth.

I Love You, I'm just not in Love with You.
This statement is just so idiotic, it defies logic and cannot be translated with mere words, that must be left up to the individual.

Well, he should know what I'm thinking.
She should actually be saying "Thank almighty GOD he does not know what I am thinking!"

He is like a brother to me.
Meaning: He's my fuck toy.
Or: He's better in bed than You, but You have more money, resources, intelligence while he has none, etc...

Can we still be friends???
Translation: I want to keep You around in case I still get horny, and I'm tired of my vibrator.

I would never lie to You.
Meaning: I hope I don't get caught, wait a minute I'm a female, we always get away with it just by shaking my tits and wiggling my butt.

You think it's hard being a man, try being a woman for just one day!!!
This has been said by many women across the globe for centuries, however this seems to only apply to the single mother, women that live in Islamic dominated nations, prostitutes where the law prohibits it severely, and any nation that still has legal witch burnings. Women don't want men to believe the sometimes outright hell they have to endure for a woman to want to be with him, men will endure because quite simply MEN WANT PUSSY!!! Men don't deny it, they just have different ways about getting it. The men who are more full of shit get it more, we nice guys don't hate the other guys, we look upon You ladies as if You are the biggest fucking MORONS on the planet when You piss us off!!!

Quit stalking me!!!
Meaning: I want You to come over tonight.
Or: I want a really good excuse to get You arrested, or a restraining order put against You.

                --- Drew

So what are we? (as if I should have to ask)
Venus Peltier: Good friends that really like each other. (NOT!!! completely one sided)
Venus: Yes, You really stand a good shot with me!
(This should be rephrased "I like Assholes that treat me like a piece of shit more than really nice guys like You)
Venus: I kiss You on the side of the mouth because I'm afraid to get close, I've been hurt alot before by other guys. (No, You just don't have the balls to say You enjoy hurting really nice guys like myself and You are completely repugnant by them)
Terry Gray: I want to start out slowly.
(I'm not really attracted to You, But I'm going to make You find out the hard way)
Terry: Shave off the sideburns and we'll see where it goes from there.
(The only thing I can figure out about You is that You don't fit anywhere in the modern Pop culture and must be an individualist content with expressiing Yourself as You feel comfortable, how odd!)
Terry: I'm sorry, I'm not used to being so honest. (I'm a liar, and I accidentally let one go, WHOOPS!)
Both of these relationships went nowhere at all, no I was not dating both girls at the same time, If You want to know more additional bullshit that was pumped into my head please feel free to ask anytime
I'm sorry girls You asked for it, Your worst enemy THE TRUTH!!!!
                --- Drew

OK, I'd known this girl since HS. Way back then she was kinda cute, and I had thought about dating her. Well, I graduate, head off to college, never expect to see her again. No biggie, we were just freinds.
Well, It's the start of my junior year in college, and all of a sudden, she's back in touch. Turns out that she'd gotten married right after I graduated HS, had one kid, is pregnant with another, just got divorced, and is after my ass so hot and heavy it makes weasles in heat look tame in comparison.

She fed me this whole line of how she had been in love with me since High School, and how she had told her husband that there was someone that she loved more than him, and that's why they split up. She then proceeded to introduce me to her 2-year old daughter, and describe how she would rather have oral sex than kiss.... needless to say this was disturbing, especially for someone as romanticly inexperianced as moi.

All this time I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing... that is until I started asking around. As it turns out, she split up with her husband because there was some doubt as to whether or not the baby on the way was his, not because of her "love" for me. At this time, I was working as an electrician, and making decent money past my college requirements. How convienent, don't you think?

From what I gleaned from asking her friends and even some of her own relatives is that she wants to marry me so I can support her and her kids. Naturally, I broke it off then and there. Then, after I told her to stop calling and to leave me alone, People start asking me if that really is my kid!! She had been starting rumors saying that she was pregnant with my child! (kinda hard to get someone pregnant when your a virgin such as I) eedless to say, That REALLY set me off. This little snafu is still an ongoing saga, so I'll update this later...
                --- Mountian Ogre

Don't worry size doesn't matter
                --- Pete

"I fell asleep sitting up.. by back is killing me."
                --- anon

Yes, I am in the typical situation whereby rumours are present, which points to the fact that my girlfriend has slept with another man! What to do? This may sound so trivial to some, but beleive me, I guess you only know how it feels, when it happens to you!

Again, what to do?

She denies it, some of her freinds say its true, my friends have heard the rumours. But what makes it worse is that she keeps lying about things, which leads me to beleive that she could quite easily be lying about this also.

This type of women belongs in a brothel!!
                --- Greg

"I've known your husband long before you were married to him. Dont worry, I have no feelings for him because I have a husband."

In fact, she made my husband 'entertains' her
                --- yeti

THat she'd never need anyone but me....
                --- "Anon"

I've learned that if something is clearly bothering a girlfriend, but if I ask her what's wrong and she says "Nothing!", I know something is terribly wrong and I had better get the hell out of town soon because I'm in a lot of trouble.
                --- Justin

I am in a relationship with a girl now going on 1 year. I was completely in love with this girl and after we have been going out for about 6 months she started geeting little attutides with me over stupid things and then after weve been having sex for like 5 of those months she tells me that she wants to wait until we are married to have sex anymore! So I told her fine. Of course the next week I got here in a jacuzi and she was all over me. Well before me she was with a guy for three years and I guess that she was really in love with him. Couple more weeks went by and she tells me she needs space just to get her life back on track and get a new job and a apartment for her and her 2 year old son wich is not her x boyfriend she met that guy when shee was pregnant with her we broke up but she still called me several times a day ttelling me she loves me and that she wants to get married one day. And then she tells me that she is going to go out with him and have coffee to try to get some closure with him. I did not like that at all but I let her. I came over her house later that night she was wearing some sweats and looked tired but she swore nothing had happened. So I told her I belived her. That weekend she said she was going over to her girlfriends house to have a girls night out, she calls me in the morning and tells me she was at her x house and spent the night there. I kept asking her if anything happened at first she told me no then she said that they had sex.I went over there that night and she came back to my house we talked about it and she said she regreted it and is very sorry but still wanted space. That night ended up in the jacuzi and had unprotected sex and again in my room. When we were togher we always had unprotected sex and she never got pregnant. Well a month down the line turns out shes pregnant and they said it was concived on nov 7 or the 11 they put in the papper work the 11. Later I found a letter she wrote to him saying that she left the person she was with to get back with him and in the letter it said something about the other night when we had unprotected sex and she felt used and whatever BUT THE LETTER WAS DATED NOV 10. and she still swears that they only had sex that one night and she had a condom on she said he only put it in once without a condom! Then when she was at work I called her x boyfriend to find out the truth he told me that it was his friends birthday and the went to a bar and he brought her back to his house had sex took her home and went back to the bar and had sex with another girl a hour later. He said he told her that he did not want to be with her but he would see her on the side then that weekend after the bar is when she spent the night at his house nov 11 the letter was written on the 10 it was dated at the top. I told her about that and she said she dated the papper before she wrote it she will not tell me the truth and every time it gets brought up she ends up getting really mad and I dont know if this is my baby or not. And a paternity test before the baby is born is $600. and after all this evedence she still tells me to my face she only had sex with him that one night she said that they went to the bar the same night she spent the night at his house.I still love her I just have to know the truth its like a fire in my stomach and every time it starts to die down it finds more fuel I need to put it out because it hurts. If you read this give me some advice tell me what do you think I should do? email me at
                --- Justin

Hi!!! I am a woman and all women tell this lie to men rather they are rich or poor, "I really don't care how much money you make!!!" That is a LIE from hell, women DO care!!! LOL
                --- Angel of Truth

Met a girl last summer and we hit it off great. It seemed that we had so much in common, and everything seemed so right. Problem was, she lived four hours away by car. So I invited her to move in with me for a while, and we would see where the relationship went. Boy, she sure had me fooled. We ended up buying a house together - as join tenants- and discussed our plans and hopes for the future.
So about a month after we moved into the new house, I asked her why she could not be intimate with me anymore. I, of course, suspected that she was into some other guy, but she denied that and said that she just had a low sex drive.
The next morning she tells me that she likes me, but is not in love with me. Fine - I am a big boy, I can handle that. So I ask her, "Did you know that you felt this way before we bought the house together." "No," she said. She fell out of love with me because she felt that I wasn't doing my fair share of the work involved in the move. So I told her that she should have been honest with me before the move, and we could have gone separate ways. So I asked her to leave the house, and she refused.
Now I come to find out that she had been carrrying on Internet relationships with at least two different guys all along. She is a LIAR. Just as I suspected.
So now I have to refi this damn house, at my expense, in order to get her out of here. Had she only NOT LIED, much aggravation could have been avoided.
Nevertheless, I will pray for the bitch - even though I don't know if she deserves it. Motto: "Don't move in with them, and don't let them move in with you."
                --- mike

When I was going through college again later in my hometown I had to get a job that wouldn't conflict with my homework. So I went to work at a small restaurant washing dishes.
It wasn't too long before a cute {recently divorced} chic went to work there too. We worked the same shift soon and she showed off her ass a lot to me. I figured she wanted to throw me away as soon as we did "The Thing" so I stalled her. FOR TWO YEARS. Yeh I was going out to the bars and meeting {meating ?} other babes and she knew it, but I knew that procrastinating would pay off. I have had experience with gold diggin' divorcees' before.
But soon she started to tel me the BS. I had to call at nights due to her insistance of a relationship in front of friends a work. But the only relationship she was experiencing was winning the Lottery while turning her new boys in for drunkin driving after her dates with them.
After I found that out, I cooked up a devilish plan to stay those boys' broken hearts and billfolds.
I said she was screwin the {married} County Sheriff to one of my buddies. Yeh . . And then when others said that very same possibilty to me later, I " refuted it to save her reputation ". The effect was opposite.
Soon many people started catching them around each other in odd places {to pick up another report} like in the country and various out of town hotels, and they believed it more than ever.

But after a few more years, they really were screwing each other for real. Serves them both right to even have to look at each other knowing everyone talks about them.

aw poo on 'em.
                --- Ahnon

I ran into my friend, went to her house and slept all night ...
                --- Carlos

After living in a city when i was younger I moved
back to go to University. Since I already had friends there I didnt have to make any new ones.
So I met this girl thru a friend and one night we
hooked up at my house. At this point in my life I
was an virgin, and since I told her this we took it as slow as she wanted. For three months we waited and finally we had sex. Of course it was great and I began to fall in love with this girl.
As most women know this is a scary prospect for a young guy, and we hit a rocky area for awhile.
Mainly because I was a dog and cheated on her.
This was a mistake and to this day i still regret it, but we worked it out and we grew really close.
I would spend everynight with her, and try to make up for my past transgressions. About 6 months after the fact she tells me in bed one night that she is leaving. This news cut my heart out but I tried to be the supportive bf and
not freak out. This is were the lies begin; I ask her why, is it me, you, what? Her response is
She loves me but she doesn't feel like she can
stay there anylonger. All the while claiming that it isnt me. Anyway four months pass as I wait for to leave. I profess my love and devotion in hopes she would either stay or at least continue our relationship, but she leaves.
I can remember the day, My whole world became a dark foreboding hell hole. While she is gone we continue to talk on the phone, as she has already stated that we are no longer a "couple". But she continues to tell me she loves me and all, until this guy comes into the picture. Now I try to drown my sorrows in other girls, beer whatever was around. Nothing worked, I loved her and that
was it. Finally the phone call comes. She gives me the old routine and tells me she loves me but
doesnt think we can ever be together again. Anger
like I have never felt flooded me and I spewed out the old "you have no right...bullshit." I ask
here why and she dodges the question until i finally say goodbye for good.
This is were it gets ugly. She returns from her
"adventure" early for some reason and avoids me as I avoid her. Until one night my friend tells me she brought back a new boyfriend. I figured
that she would have been seeing the whole time she was gone. The worst part was the bitch didnt even have the gutz to tell me she met someone else. Like I couldn't handle her not loving me or something. She messed me up more in the long run by lying the whole time. I now refer to her as
Queen of the Ice bitches.

                --- Anon

That was amazing!
                --- "Anon"

are gonna love this one. When I was a teenager, I was madly in love with a girl who was slightly older than me. I truly thought the sun rose and set around this woman.

After dating her for about a year, my family moved from Tallahassee to Tampa, Florida. I was heartbroken, but we both swore to make it work, be faithful to each other and visit as much as humanly possible.

After about a 3 or 4 months, she kept mentioning a guy named J.J. who she claimed was a "good friend" whom she recenlt met but claimed to not be atttracted to in the slightest. Finally one day she tells me she's dating him and had been even before I'd moved away.

She asked if we could stay together, but date other people until I turned 18 and we could move closer together. I had too much invested in her emotionally, so I refused and severed all ties with her, constantly fuming in silence over how shabbily she treated me.

Here's the kicker. A couple of years later when I was in Amherst going to college, I got an urgent call from my mother telling me to, "Turn on Hard Copy! Turn on Hard Copy!" (Hard Copy was a cheesy tabloid show back in the early-mid '90's) I explained to her that it wasn't on right now where I lived but would be coming on in an hour. She told me to watch it and call her as soon as it came on.

So it comes on, and I call my mom back. Get this. The cover story was how a girl from Tallahassee had been taken to Thomasville, Georgia by her boyfriend (named J.J) who was PIMPING HER OUT!!!!!


*wipes tear of laughter from eye*

True story. You couldn't make up a story of vindication as sweet as that.
                --- Ryan M

Stacee said "he is a friend from way back"....and that "yes, he wants more from her than she wants from him....but he was married....and that turned her off from the start".

Turns out he was "puttin' one in her" and she was living in the apartment that had rented for her. She didn't work the usual kind of job....but she shure seemed to know alot of men.

I now know that those men were actually what we normal folk call "johns". Paying customers. I too became a "john" without being aware of it. Funny....I thought I was giving her the money to help keep her lights on.

Guess in a way, I was.
                --- James

I didn't buy anything at the store because there was nothing I liked and we really didn't need to spend any money. But she did find it OK to screw this other guy at our house.
                --- Anon

I'm seeking for women b/w18and24y.o for get married
i'm from morocco.
                --- samir

im doing this for ur own good!

                --- TIM

She told me she was spending the night with some girlfriends. Kind of an adult slumber party thing. A few days later I ran into one of the women with whom she was supposed to have been with and asked, "Hey, how'd the slumber party go."

She answered, "What slumber party?"
                --- "Anon"

We spent months planning our future together. When summer came she told me she needed to go back east to visit some relatives. Turns out she needed to visit her FIANCE so they could get MARRIED! AAHHHHGHGHGHGHGHGHGGHGHGHG!
                --- "Anon"

Click here to add a lie that you, as a woman, have told to a man.

I told my boyfriend I was 16 when I'm only 14, Now I live with him (my parents dont care) and he thinks I'm turning 17 in a few weekd. and he told his parents I was 17 turnig 18. and now he expects me to be able to go to a 17 + club in a few weeks.. How am I going to explain that?
                --- Kirssy

-I'm pregnant.
-I can't have children and it's your fault!
-I'm a balding cancer patient.
                --- Melissa Louise Junker (Dayton, OH)

                --- VERONICA

I guess it doesn't matter that you put my personal, unclothed photos on the internet. No, I can recover from it without doing anything to get even.

                --- pj

I love you with all my heart and i will never ever cheat on you.
                --- mandi

I lied to a 29 years old man that I'm 24 though my real age is 17 ( he believes).I have an extremely mature physcial appearance so people thought that i'm in my 20+..
It was really a big lie I 've ever said in my life.I blamed myself for being so stupid at that time for not telling the truth.
Many atimes, i wanted to confess to him about my real age, but couldn't find the right timming .
Now I'm 18 , and he is 30, he 's still kept in the dark for about 8 months...
I'm in guilt so much so that I avioded him for 3 months.
Now in his 30, he thinks of marriage .
WHat will happen if i confess to him my guilt?
No one can understand how i feel..
i 'm in deep trouble.

                --- Claudia

Size doesn't matter.
C'mon, don't be so self conscious. It's prefect.
5 inches IS average.
That was amazing.

**These are usually followed by a "oh look at the time"**
                --- lavidaluna

I recently told my husband I got my STD from a public toilet and he belives it. The best part I use it as an excuse to not have sex with him.
                --- vero

I just want to be friends................
                --- "Anon"

You made me come.
                --- danielle

This is by far the biggest lie that women tell men, and I can't believe that it hasn't already been included. "Size doesn't matter". The only women who say that are with men with very small penises. (Sorry, guys!)
                --- "Anon"

Thank You for Your stories and some of Your secrets as well. I have taken many notes, and the news will be spread to my fellow male friends, which happen to be really honest and good guys like myself that don't deserve any of the bullshit that any of You put us through. I think You should coordinate more of Your efforts towards lying to men that truly deserve it ex. players, liars, dawgs, etc...
                --- Drew

Just a quick note to Jessica, cindi, and teresa. I have given oral sex to two men so I don't have a whole lot to compare to, but I felt compelled to add...

I hated to give oral sex to the first guy because I knew the end result. YUCK! The taste would sometimes make me gag! Sometimes it even tasted fishy!! YUCK! However....

The second guy had no taste whatsoever. NO TASTE! I was pleasantly suprised and thus started to enjoy giving oral sex. I loved the feel of it in my mouth, the sounds he made, and I never had to worry that it was going to taste bad.

So I just wanted to share my experience so that you may know that not all guys (maybe most)taste bad and not all women are lying when they say that it doesn't.
                --- "Anon"

I am not a vindictive bitch & I believe that most people lie to someone that likes them not to hurt their feelings but it also an ego saver, how about I plead the 5th please...anyways, even if you aren't feeling that person it is hard to tell him/her that you dont want them in "that" way. maybe it is the attention they give you or maybe you want to give them a chance, i mean why not?
Well, i guess i have led guys on through communication i.e. the telephone. I have a facination w/talking & expressing everything from every pore of existance. But i have a weakness for people especially guys) that I first meet. I have done it more than once, I talk to a guy for hours on the phone even if I cant stand them. not prod of it, but this is a way many a poor guy has been led on my moi. peace.
                --- kristal

I lied to my boyfriend and told him i was pregnet of a other man and not him , so he could leave me.
                --- Elyzabeth Mendiola

I lied to my boyfriend and told him i was pregnet of a other man and not him , so he could leave me.
                --- Elyzabeth Mendiola

OK, Rosie the liar is back....I told you guys about my pretend abortion..well there's more. I still work with the guy who I lied to about being pregnant and he hates me...this despite the fact that he still doesn't know about being lied to. A few weeks back we had a big fight at work which resulted in us both storming off. Our manager was alerted and we had to face the music about why we had a screaming fight in front of customers....I told her about my abortion (but not the bit about it being pretend-ha ha!) and I was crying and she was all sorry for me and I said that he threatened to hit me if I told anyone at work. Now half our work knows and they all think he's such vermin for treating me the way he did.
Also I've lied about my mother having breast cancer to have three weeks off work. Lied and told everyone I went on a great holiday to the tropics when I didn't and lastly I had a five month affair with a friend's fiance, all the while providing her with a shoulder to cry on when she fretted about their relationship being under strain..
                --- rosie

love with a guy at work. Unfortunately he wasn't as enamoured with me. We dated briefly before he dumped me for another girl who also worked with us. I was heartbroken and had to endure them flashing their relationship around in front of me. Eventually they split and I saw my opportunity. I was in there and we began flirting again and going out socially. Eventually we slept together. I was thrilled...but then it happened again...he dumped me for ANOTHER girl at work. I was devastated. He treated me like trash.Not even speaking to me if he could help it. I decided that it was time to force him to acknowledge me. What did I do? One day at work I waited until he was by himself and ignoring me as usual and I marched straight up to him and said...'I just thought that you you might like to know that my period is a week late.' Then I spun about on my heels and walked off leaving him in a state of shock.
Believe me, I now had his attention. Of course, It was all lies....I knew I wasn't pregnant but I so enjoyed the attention from him, the fact that he had to pay me so much attention, him ringing and calling around to my flat....that I told him i'd been to the doctor and had had it confirmed...I was pregnant.
What then followed was the performance of a lifetime from me as we had tearing conversations about abortion. Twice I told him that I had cancelled appointments to have an abortion. I had a problem. I had to lie and tell him that I'd had an abortion...obviously...but he wanted to come with me and hold my what was I to do?
What I did was this....I made an appointment to see an abortion counseller at a family planning clinic, telling the love of my life that I was having my abortion that day. I asked him to let me go on my own but to pick me up from the clinic. I pulled it off! He drove up and entered the clinic just as I emerged from my counselling session. I had put on quite a performance at the session too by the way. He hugged me in the car and held my hand. He helped me up the stairs when we got home, he wauted on me hand and foot..It was WONDERFUL.
HOWEVER...perhaps it was justice being served, perhaps it was me getting was was dutifully mine...but within several weeks of my pretend abortion we had a massive falling out and now six months later are still not speaking. Also, I have discovered that the whole time he thought I was pregnant he was sleeping with another girl and even left me alone on the night of my pretend abortion to go out with her..PIG!!!
                --- Rosie

They're real... Honest!
                --- Brittany

One night my cousin and I were going to visit our boyfriends as we normally did every night. They lived an hour away so we usually ended up spending the night. They live in the same house and they are cousins. I was getting unhappy with my relationship, so when one of my good friends called me up I ditched my usual hour long drive to get a bite to eat with him. It turned out to be more than a bite to eat. I felt so guilty and sorry for what I had done that I confessed to my cousin whom I did not know was angry with me. She spilled the beans to my boyfriend and without even approaching me, he immediately broke it off. I denied it for weeks until finally he slowly started to believe me and I told him she was just mad because she had to drive alone and I would never do that. To this day he still believes she's the true liar. I don't want to hurt him and I know if he knew I was lying that would be the end of us.

                --- "Anon"

I have been going out with my botfriend now for nine months and we have been able to tell each other everything. Well every couple of months i have this problem where i stop eating for a long time. When I do that my boyfriend gets scared out of his mind. He thinks that I am going to kill myself from doing this. This past time that my eating habit started, I told him that it went away and I was eating just as usual. When I told him that, he was sooooo happy, but the whole entire time I wasn't eating at all. I got really sick but I kept it from him and he never knew. When he found out he almost broke up with me and from that day I have been eating normally.
                --- janella

I was moving to Bukarhest.
                --- Anon

i once pretened to like this guy only to get next
to his friend who had a girlfriend and it worked
we are due to get merried next week as for is girlfriend and friend well they are not to happy with me but oh well we are happy together and thats all that matters

                --- "Anon"

Can we just be friends? I really like you, just not in that kind of way. I really hope you're not upset.
                --- "Anon"

After being seperated from my husband for about 2 months,I met this guy I really liked.I told him I had filed for divorce.I honestly was meaning to but didn't have the money for a lawyer.We didn't work out,lasted 6 months.Now,my husband and I are talking about trying again.I know if the man I lied to finds out he will think that's why we broke up,but it isn't.He just turned out to be an asshole.
                --- "Anon"

I am alive
                --- Vaginia

Once going to the movies with my boyfriend, Nick. I couldn't help noticing this other guy checking me out. I waited till Nick went to the "little boy's room" to take a little chat with this guy. He was so romantic and cute. When Nick had returned, he had asked me who this guy was. I told him that he was my cousin. Unfortuantly, this guy took it seriously and started to hug me saying "Sue! I thought it was you!"
                --- "Anon"

I lied to a man, I told him I was going to the restroom, and that I would be right back. I didn't explain to him why I was disappointed with the evening. I just slipped out and left him sitting there looking like a fool, and holding the bill. The humiliation! I guess he tried to justify it to himself, thinking some sort of emergency must have happened, that caused me to disappear. I bet he was even concerned for me, which is why he probably called. Maybe he even thought I was jumped in the bathroom. But hey, it didn't go like I thought it should, so I bolted. (sigh) Brad Pitt...I'm waiting! Shame on you girl. Shame on you. You give the rest of us with ovaries a bad name. When did people get so selfish and forget about compassion? What you did was mean. And I thought people in MI were mean....SHEESH!
                --- Michigan

i never lied i don't have anything to lie about.=)
                --- "Anon"

The fact is he wasn't very good looking. I don't even know why I went out with him.

Actually, I do know. This is sad...

I didn't want to hurt his feelings.

And the date wouldn't have been that terrible if he hadn't turned out to be so boring. He was a P.E. coach at Comstock Middle School in a cute little town in northern california. All he could talk about was sports though. He was a pathetic fool.

I finally got tired of listening to him and excused myself to go to the restroom. When I passed by the door to the restaraunt we were in I just slipped right out and walked away from their.

He left a few messages on my answering machine but I never returned the calls. He wasn't too bright but after a month or so he got the idea.

                --- danielle

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