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Posted by Candace James on February 26, 2001 at 16:55:27:

England: Warm Beer, Blood Pudding, Jellied Eels, Spotted Dick, Liver and Lights, Kidney Pie, Brawn, Bubble and Squeak, Fried Bread, Crisps with Flavors

Scotland: Haggis, Irn Bru, Blood (Black) Pudding, Herring Roe, Potted Hough, Sheep's Head, Ox Tongue, Oxtail, White Puddings, Powsowdie

Wales: Laver Bread, Rook Pie, Lardy Cake

Sweden: Sylta (Head Cheese)

Norway: Lutefisk, Gravlax

Denmark: Oellebroed, Skipsol, Beer-Jelly, Sild, Gamle Ole, Gammel Dansk, Nordsoe Olie, Rullepoelse, Flaeskesvaer, Skaerpekoed, Rastefisk, Grind, Spaek

Netherlands: Salted Horsemeat Sandwiches, Raw Salted Herring, Peanut Butter Sauce on French Fries, Hete Bliksem

France: Escargot, Tripe, Frog's Legs, Bleu Cheese, Roquefort, Steak Tartare, Brains, Truffles, Camel's Feet, Boudin

Spain: Criadillas, Morcillas

European Jews: Schmaltz, Gefilte Fish, Kishke

Germany: Limburger, Bierkase, Blutwurst, Kuddeln, Ochsenmaul-Salat, Schweinsmagen, Curry Wurst

Italy: Cynar and Campari liqueurs, Carpaccio, Cibreo, Song Birds, Gorgonzola

Greece: Retsina

Sicily: Ricci di Mare

Sardinia: Maggot-Cheese

Mediterranean: Sheep's head. The whole thing, cooked and skinned. Includes the eyeballs. Cheese (what a concept!) Octopus, Cicada, Octopus and Squid in Ink

Russia: Borscht, Kvass, Caviar, Vesiga

Africa: Blood fresh from living livestock, Grasshoppers, Okra, Fufu, Gari, Urine, Ugali, Clay, Goat's Head, Chitoum
Central Asia: Kumiss (Fermented Mare's Milk), Yogurt, Sheep Fat

China: Bird's Nest Soup, Sea Cucumber, Jellyfish, Rat, Snake, Drunken Shrimp, Jelled Blood, Bear Paws, Cho Do Fu, Tiger Testicles, Owl Soup, Thousand-Year Eggs, Sa Kuo Yu Toe, Fish Flotation Bladder, Bao Bing (Shaved Ice), Pork Uterus, Camel (and Cow) Tendons, Oyster Sauce, Snake Wine

Tibet: Yak Milk (Rancid), Tea with Yak Butter

India: Cow Urine, Human Urine
Southern India: Blazing Curry

Burma: a MAE oo, Ngapi-jaw

Hong Kong: Monkey Brains

Southeast Asia: Durian, Fermented Fish-Paste, Dog Meat, Snakes, Ngapi-Jaw, Bull Penis, Sour Candies, Fish Eyes

Thailand: Kapi, Grasshoppers, Snake Blood, Water Bugs

Indonesia: Blachan, Dog-Meat Restaurants, Bats

Malaysia: Ice Kachang (Shaved Ice) Belachan

Philippines: Baalut, Bagong (fish paste), Diniguan

Australia: Vegemite, Marmite, Kangaroo, Witchety Grub, Beetroot, Honey Ants

Papua-New Guinea: Sago Worms

Borneo: Monitor Lizard

Korea: Kim Chee, Silk Worm Grubs, Tiger Penis Soup

Japan: Fugu, Natto, Sashimi, Shiokara, Tofu, Miso, Uni, Mountain Potato, Seaweed, Takosu, Takoyaki, Tempeh, Crickets, Unagi, Gingko Seeds, Okra (Raw!)

Hawaii: Poi, Spam Musubi
Arctic Alaska: Blubber, Stinkheads
U.S. in general: Spam, Chewing Gum, Iceberg Lettuce, Bread, Beer, Peanut Butter

U.S. Northwest: Geoduck Clams

U.S. West: Prairie Oysters, Fried Pork Rinds, Blood-Rare Steak, Rattlesnake

U.S. Midwest: White Castle Sliders, Jell-O Salad, Fruitcake, American Cheese Food Product, such as Velveeta, in Fried Cheese Balls, Cincinnati Greek Chili

U.S. South: Grits, Crawfish, Hog Maws And Snouts, Etc Dropped Fowl, Chicken Feet, Chitterlings, Iced Tea, Ramps, Turkey Deep-Fried Whole (Fried Everything) Chicken-Fried Steak, Dill Pickles Fried

U.S. East: Souse, Pork Loaf

U.S. Northeast: Scrapple, Cod Liver Oil, Pumpkin Pie, Raw Oysters, Lobster, Fiddlehead Ferns

Canada: Sugar Pie, Poutine, Oreilles De Christ, Cod Tongues, Cod Cheeks, Pemmican, Cracklings, Seal Flipper Pie, Spruce Beer
Mexico: Tequila Worms, Menudo, Habanero & Jalapeno Peppers, Mole, Chichirrones (Chitterlings), Ceviche, Grasshoppers

Brazil: Gari

Agentina: Morcillas

Iceland: Hakarl

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