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Into Day Two

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Posted by Rocky Jones on June 19, 2001 at 11:41:33:

I don't know how this new thinking could have eluded me for so long. It is so much easier for me to stick to eating healthier if I look at this fat as the symptom of an illness. When I have a cold you can bet I do everything I can to treat it. If I have anything wrong with me I always try to treat it as much as I can. But this fat thing, I have never seen it as a ailment. I have always seen it as my joyful enthusiasm for the foods I really like. It just always turned out that I liked pizza and anything deepfried. If you deep fried a shoe I would eat it. Well, it turns out that I have an illness. A mental predisposition that means that I will tend to eat crap -- more of it than your average bear. You know what -- just thinking like that helps. It explains something. It means that I'm not keeping myself from eating the foods I love. This new thinking helps me understand that I am just choosing foods that will help me recover from an illness -- in this case about 40 or more extra pounds starting to droop of around the belly. I'd say that's a pretty serious ailment.

But our culture doesn't want to help the fatties . It likes to help people get fat and then make fun opf them. Guess what -- a good third of the American populous have turned into fatties. So flabby fatties. I'd say that an epidemic. But does anyone else? No, they just want to say that all this fatness can be attributed to our propensity to eat shit and our increasingly sedintary lifestyles. I think those things add to it but what's really happening is a mental epidemic and I'm just one more person with it.

But today is just day two of this new thinking and I think this new thinking can help.

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