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Re: Kiss Hank's Ass

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Posted by JohnMary on April 30, 2001 at 15:56:56:

In Reply to: Re: Kiss Hank's Ass posted by Ezekiel 25:17 on April 25, 2001 at 23:51:18:

Yes, we can be nice to anyone regardless but why should we. I happen to feel better when I am nicer but I cannot find it in me to be nice most of the time. I am an a - hole. Without my faith and persistence in trying to maintain some kind of spiritual condition I end up be mean to more and more people...

So, I mean this question sincerely, how does it feel to be athiest? I mean it -- I'm just curious.

: Heh, put aside that this was a joke e-mail which I didn't write. Compound it with the fact that altho I disbelieve in a Christian God, I don't ridicule logical arguments, because believe it or not, there are many sensible believers of God out there. So there's no need to act so defensive :)

: And remember, I'm not the one out there using Capital letters, exclamation marks or deriding arguments with insults, because I believe arguments aren't necessarily advanced by shouting out loud derogatory comments.

: However, you're little diatribe did come up with one sensible point, which I have been trying to get across :)
: We can be nice to everyone without necesssarily having to believe in God or in this case, in Hank's memo :)
: Do we really need a specific rule out there in place telling us to be nice to everyone? That sounds so good, why don't you get your Government to legislate?
: Personally, I'd prefer free-will as opposed to having to follow any religious guidelines or legislative ones.

: And remember, I did give a warning, that those without a sense of humour could turn away :)
: Think of it this way, believers use inspirational stories whilst atheists use jokes. Which gives more merit? Neither.

: : Try this one:

: : Ezek: Hey, you geeks that believe in Hank are suck fools!!

: : Mary: Okay.

: : John: If you say so.

: : Ezek: What? Aren't you going to defend idiotic positions?

: : Mary: Why should we? You can believe what you want.

: : Ezek: Lambs. Fools. Followers!! IDIoTS!!

: : John: Well, I suppose. I feel pretty calm, actually though.

: : Mary: Yeah, I don't know what it is about Hank, things just tend to get better!

: : Ezek: But you are NEVER NEVER NEVER going to see the million dollars, you fools.

: : Mary: Oh, Hank added to more rules: Trust Hank and be nice to everyone.

: : John: Isn't that neat? Be nice to everyone. What if everyone really did that.

: : Ezek: But that's assinine. If everyone were nice to everyone there wouldn't be anything to redicule.

: : John: Yeah, I suppose so.

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