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Re: goddamit

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Posted by nope the pope on May 16, 2001 at 04:47:36:

In Reply to: goddamit posted by Betrayed on May 16, 2001 at 04:36:33:

: I dont see any evidence in any relgion or belief, weither it believe in the existance of god or not, that shows that god does or does not exist. I my self believe it is simply what primitive people made up to explain things that they had no facts for. such as tornadoes or sudden fires, storms, plague. whatever could not be explained rationally could be easily explained by the extrodinary. That there are those that still believe in god is another matter, perhaps they can not handle being flukes in nature; they may need a reason to be on this planet and a reason to live, with rules to follow. it may also be that they believe in hell and dont feel like eternal damnation, whatever. But to try and convert others or convince them that god exist, or doesnt exist for that matter, is not only bullshit but often impossible. He can say the bible says: blah blah. then I could say: the bible is just storys collected by priests and holy men, sheepherders and others over centuarys to explain and teach. Then he could say: you must have faith.
: so on and so on untill one or the others brain explodes. the point im trying to make is that though it can often be fun to argue about it, there is no fact that states it true or false because we dont know and likely never will. so its hard to argue in a sane way, insane is still good though. its sort of like, how do you prove you exist to me? you cant. i could be having an acid trip. its impossible and always will be. but fuck it, god doesnt exist and if he did we are his unwanted and mutated disgracefull children.

yeah. and another thing: why does everyone portray the making of earth by god as he made it and set us on it? it was millions of years before we came to evolve on earth! why such a long period before us? and dont give me any of the prayer crap, thats just an excuse for, "i dont know your proably right and there is nothing that says your wrong."
all that faith and prayer shit is just for losers that cant come up with anything inteeligenta to say. did i spell that right? anyhow, you loser suck. pplsuck.com, you should all go there because you waste your sucky time on sucky things so you can suck more than suckedy suck. God you suck.

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