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Posted by Robert on May 21, 2001 at 05:53:13:

In Reply to: Re: goddamit/A LITTLE KNOWLEDGE IS DANGEROUS! posted by charles chacal on May 20, 2001 at 23:34:08:

: : Betrayed & nope the pope,

: : I think that you are one and the same person Both posts use the same lame arguements, the same disregard for evidence, the same regard for ignorant assumptionsm the same spelling and punctuation errors. Neither of you appear to be well-educated, belong to no church, temple, synagogue, or mosque. I guess that the closest that either of you have come to any belief at all is that primitive men had all the answers, not exactly a quantum leap in understanding here! Both of you appear to have come from the same cave clan, naive`, simple-minded, totally self-taught, opinionated, prejudiced,
: : not well-informed, non-believers, lost boys wandering in the wilderness, blithely unaware that you are, saddly, wrong! I am praying for you to see the way, the truth, and the light!

: : Peace & Love,

: : Robert

: Robert,

: I presume that you are a christian,I am not. you sound knowledgable. i have heard somebody say that after Jesus, for approximately 50 yrs none of what he had taught was documented. Do you think The Bible has teachings as exactly as he said it and would it not have distorted in the meanwhile.
: Though i read this in a novel i know the author to be very "fact perfect".,I shall devulge it if you answer.
: the other question i have for you is., pray, why so many religions and faiths?

: charles chacal


I am a Christian. I do try to be tolerant of other's beliefs. We live in a world of diversity. Christianity is a minority faith among the others, i.e., Buddhism, Hinduism. I am all for us getting along with each other. Far too many wars have been and are being fought over religious issues, racism, and intolerance in life-styles and cultures.
I believe that the Bible is not infallible. It was written by men, but God inspired. It has flaws, but it is amazingly accurate at depiciting the life and times of Jesus.

PEACE TALKS by Robert R. Cobb

Some talk about peace.
which passes. understood,
are reasons given for war,
those will never. breathe freedom,
without a costly price, death,
hate transcends the grave.

Pain endures torture,
sadistic pleasures,
inflicting slow death, unkind
scars, missing body parts, and.
forgotten land mines. fields, crops,
await body bags.

Conflicts, prejudice,
racial cleansing ploys,
denied mass graves, enemies.
and ritual sacrifice,
atrocities and war crimes
to annihilate their foe.

Some talk about peace.
it's cheaper than bombs
though not quite as effective
mapping targets, selective,
"friendly fire-storms," prevail,
"accidents will happen," doomed.

Events stun NATO,
embassies are bomb-blasted,
the Chinese launch mad protests,
Russia moves troops, Kosovo,
seeking slice of power pie,
further adding to turmoil.

I cannot figure
what glaring features stand out
to let Serbs, Croats, Muslims,
fire upon women, children,
from cowardly positions.

exterminations are
conducted by night and day,
large-scale gang warfare rites,
to protect turf, to erase
all signs of previous owners.

promoting intolerance,
abased racial hatred,
are indoctrinated schemes,
taught early and too often
to would -be-friends-and-neighbors.

There is no end-game,
there are no real winners here,
no slates to be wiped clean for
tomorrow's history quiz.
the lessons are painful,
the answers, predictable!

Peace & Love,


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