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Posted by Ezekiel 25:17 on May 21, 2001 at 10:32:12:

In Reply to: LAKE OF FIRE posted by Kayla on May 18, 2001 at 10:31:42:

: Yeah -- one of those posts down there talks about how the Christians throw the sinners into the lake of fire and all that and I just don't think that's right. What about all the people who never even hear of God or Jesus or none of that???? They should not be burned.

Absolutely true. Ask this question to any Christian, and watch them try to explain that.
The rote response, is that hell no longer exists as a fiery pit, but only an absence of God.

: I watched South Park the other night and satan is a homo getting bitch slapped and God looked like a cow or something. I didn't get it.

South Park is an amusing show, but I highly prefer the Simpson's episode in regards to the bible :) Religion is highly interpretative and South Park is weird, so combine the two and sometimes all you have left is to sit back wonder and laugh.

>I'm only forteen and so I guess I have a lot to learn about this shit but what confuses me the most is that no one seems to know shit. Makes me just want to scream "fuck it all! I don't know what to believe!!"

Exactly. Those who claim to know the answers are lying to you. No one has the answers and I suggest you treat anything said in the context of what motivates that person. Just because you're talking to an older person, doesn't necessarily make them right (although many consider age in relation to wisdom). You could always just resort to choosing not to believe anything, but that doesn't work either. Who said life was easy?

I suggest next time you have a period of time to think, just to think about your role in life, your friends, what you strongly believe in, and what you hope to achieve.

>My best friend just took to much X the other night and he died and the fcking Christians will say he's in hell. Well I say he was stpd and it was acksident and he didn't mean to do it and he shouldn't have to burn for it and he wont and he doesnt -- he is not in no lake of fucking fire. He's okay. I don't know where he is but if there is a God and I believe there is, I just ask you to please take care of Danny and don't burn him, plz.

Forget the Christians, if they cause you pain and grief, ignore them. They are blinded by their faith and can't possibly understand your pain. I won't pretend to know what you're going through myself, but no matter how much it hurts, remember you are never alone. Grieve for your friend, remember all the good times you had together, and regret all the things you could have done together but never did. Hopefully in time, you'll be able to recall moments you shared with joy rather than pain.

: And the rest of us just have to stop all the arguing and find out what we all believe that is the same, that's what I think.

: things that I believe:
: God is good. God loves me. God will not put Danny in the fire.

: That's ALLLLLLLLLL!!! I don't know anything else but I have read this discussion and the things you aregue about don't MATTER. Things only matter when your best frind DIES!! That's when all this will matter.

I agree. All this is totally irrelevent and you'll enjoy life a lot more if you go out and live every moment whilst keeping in mind the consequences. If you're going to burn in hell, so be it, you'll probably be in good company anyway. And if God is truly just and noble he'll understand.

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