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Re: God is loving....

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Posted by Jessica K. on February 26, 2001 at 19:05:14:

Okay -- so don't read the book of John -- as a matter of fact I will first say that I love and believe in God and think that the Bible might just be huge crapola. Crapolita. Ca ca and poo poo.

Ooooooooh, that feels good. But I digress. You both seem to think that the Bible has something to do with God and that God has something to do with the bible.

Hoagy man rightly points out the bible is full of contradictions. Ca ca. God is not.

God is something that happens to you. It can happen with a love for Christianity and the Bible or a love of other religions or a disdain for all religions. God can absolutely happen to anyone who desires God.

That's the simple fact.

Hoagiemeister -- you do not have to share in the blessings of a loving God. Fine by me. You can go through your life cynical, logical and maybe a little embittered and you need NEVER know or acknowledge that you are the son of God entitled to your Fathers supreme love, kindness and forgiveness. You can live your whole life with sarcasm and wit. You are probably a very intelligent person and you can use your intellience to analyze God completely out of your life.

But why?

Who wouldn't want to live in the God universe. The one where a loving God guides me if I ask for his guidance. A loving universe where when I feel sad and broken I can lean on an OMNIPOTENT and OMNICIENT CREATOR OF EVERYTHING for comfort IF I CHOOSE TO.

oooooh -- oooooh you will say Hoagy Doagy -- you will say Look Look the bleary eyed tamborine slapping God loving cult victim sometimes feels sad. Oooh there's no God because even that starry eyed nitwit feels sad sometimes. Please don't get excited. Yes, I feel sad sometimes. My Heavenly Father didn't put me on this planet to sit around and tromp through the daisy all day long. I'm here to learn that God is all there is. It's a tough school and I am a preschooler. I have hardly walked through the door and there are hard knocks before I can get that all of this everything is an illusion and that the one truth of everything is that I am a child of God and a living part of God.

Ooh, she's a nutty wacko... she's a nutty wacko.

Not so Hoags. Just someone who has walked through enough flame and found solace and comfort in the arms of God when I became willing to ask Him for help.

You should try it sometime. If you are ever feeling TERRIBLE -- I mean hurting deep -- you ask God for help and just see what happens.

I dare ya.

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