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Re: G-O-D, the man, the myth, the legend...

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Posted by Ezekiel 25:17 on June 03, 2001 at 16:39:13:

In Reply to: G-O-D, the man, the myth, the legend... posted by kristal on May 24, 2001 at 18:23:48:

: I strongly believe that faith in something, anyone or anything is necessary for a healthy frame of mind. I'm definately NOT an atheist, though i have a handful of aquaintences who chose not to believe in "the higher power". I am also not one of those "see it to believe it types", personally that is a bland way of thinking.
: I'm only 20 years old & I have yet to learn & discover other religions besides catholic/christian. I do believe that GOD is outther, he lives in & around living things (people, animals, nature). Do I really believe in one man named G-D, dunno yet, but i can feel "HIM".

Each of us seeks faith in something. Some find solace in a higher power, some in animals, some in power, some in money and a rare few people have faith in other people. We strive for a purpose, we long to share our dreams and goals with someone who understands and cares.
This is where most of our problems stem from.

To have faith in something is to trust implicitly without reservation. There is little out there that can satisfy this trust, and yet many still strive to believe because the alternative is so much worse. In the end, denial becomes the only option.

Is this a negative view? Yes
Is this extremely cynical? Yes
Is it your only alternative? No

Don't strive to find answers from outside sources, as the only true answers come from within. Are these divinely inspired? Perhaps.
But consider what motivates you, why you feel strongly about the things you do, and what you actually believe in.

You'll discover many of your ingrained beliefs come about as a result of your upbringing and indoctrination by peer pressure. Stepping outside yourself and trying to view yourself from another's shoes is truly difficult but will help you gain perspective.

Ask yourself "Why do I truly believe?"
Ask yourself "If I was brought up in India or South Africa would I believe still in what I do?"

If you can discard the trappings of your heritage, question everything you've ever believed in, and come to the same conclusion, then who am I to argue?

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