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Posted by Robert on June 10, 2001 at 04:05:56:

In Reply to: Re: THE WRATH OF OLD SCHOOL!!! posted by Ezekiel 25:17 on June 08, 2001 at 13:20:06:

: : Dear God discussion Participants,

: >: I return this time and I am appalled!! I must bring down the Wrath Of Old School!! Have you all forgotten where this conversation started in the two collumns before the shift? There was no discussion of the darn Bible! Who gives two poopies about the Bible?

: You'll find most Christians do :) I welcome any relevant discussion, but I can only answer and question those who participate. Perhaps, you would like to answer my question posed earlier.

: >This discussion is about the miracles that God (or whatever you want to call him her or it) brings into your lives. Ezeky??? Why do you keep asking this question about the African that no missionary ever reaches? The sparks of God are everywhere! What makes you think there wouldn't be some in Africa.

: I'm just making the simple point that not everyone has heard of Jesus, or even God. It is a Western concept which has not been heard of in many of the Eastern realms. Frankly, most of the recent debate has been on the Chrisitan God, but if you want to discuss your concept of God, by all means, go right ahead.

: >I tire of taking potshots at the Christians. You know what, Jesus may have been the masiah -- but so many a-holes have used him as a con device that spending too much time arguing it is just a waste. If you feel Jesus in your heart, GREAT! But why argue over the details.

: I don't think the problem is with the details. I think the problem lies within the context of the entire concept of Christianity. There is little point in disregarding Christianity as a whole, but when fundamental issues are raised in regards to belief, that is the crux of the debate.

: : Ezek, you always go for the heady arguments. What do you feel when you look into the eyes of a little child? What do you feel as you are graced with a blissful sunset? HAve you ever felt an inexplicable lightness? Has your ass ever been lifted from the fire?

: I see a little child, possibly cute, possibly not, just another human being. I think the sunset is nice and beautiful. Inexplicable lightness? Maybe from lack of sleep. Nope, can't say my ass has ever been lifted from the fire :)

: Why do you think I argue 'heady' arguments? Because I don't know anybody who can argue with emotions :)

: The world is beautiful. The world is crap. It depends on your outlook. Either way, I doubt that there is any higher scheme in place here :)
: If your entire argument consists of 'the world is beautiful', God must exist, then I'm afraid there is just nothing to debate :)

: Oh, and Welcome Back :)

Hey Guys,

What is this proverbial, "OLD SCHOOL"? Does it have any established curriculum? Does it have an accredited staff? Are tests and evaluations regularly given? Diplomas? Degrees? Advanced degrees? Any notable graduates? And why "THE WRATH"? Just curious. I suspect that "OLD SCHOOL!!!" is no school at all!!!


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