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Re: Who really cares

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Posted by Aslan on July 17, 2001 at 05:06:48:

In Reply to: Re: Who really cares posted by James 5:16 on July 16, 2001 at 20:38:11:

: I disagree that we are all made with a void in our hearts when we are born. Some of us humans are born not built to desire God at all. (Esau for example.) I think that we are given that void as a gift when we truly become Christians.

<< By your logic, people who become Christians all of a sudden have a void in their heart. Am I misinterpreting? I believe it is that very void that draws people to God, you come across as believing it's caused by a belief in God.
Paul was blinded on his way to Damascus, and became a great preacher. Yet, he was no apostle. He never met Christ face to face, and if he had he probably would have killed Him himself. So as for Paul's fire and brimstone teaching (especially about women being seen and not heard) I try to take it with a grain of salt. As in, this man killed many of God's followers, and then became a follower of God. Of course he is going to have to compensate for what he has done. If Fire and Brimstone work for his delivery, then it works, I suppose. I have a feeling he wasn't so kind or compassionate, as were the apostles. As a matter of fact, Paul comes across as quite impatient.

: Each Christian spends the rest of our lives attempting to fill that void. We seek it. We desire it, that fulfillment. We cannot truly live without it. Only in the last days can we complete this life-long search.

: I believe that non-Christians defend their state so vehemently because there is no other explanation for the reason for their existance. They look for the reason for existance. It becomes very difficult. They ultimately come to the conclussion that they themselves are able to accept an untruth that they cannot completely determine or deny argument altogether and do not find a solutions to the mysteries of the universe. It seems to me to be a very lonely existance. Ultimatley however, that person cannot finish his/her goal.

: Not to say Christians don't stumble along the way. We do. Paul takes that into consideration in his epistels. He (and through him the Lord) remind us that we can remain moving forward and move toward Him. He is the goal. We cannot move forward without Him and the best unison with Him is our ultimate, unachievable goal.


: Well enough for tonight,

: All my love,

: James 5:16

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