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truth about religion

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Posted by Amanda on July 25, 2001 at 04:30:13:

Hi all, I surfed on into this page and although it's getting late the topic of religion is one that gets me fuming. My opinions which I write below will probably have been said before but I'll add my vioce to the chorus.**Firstly, I will never beleive in something that cannot be proven to me or that I can see for myself. **I beleive that only weak people in need of an authority figure follow religion. **I think religion is to blame for many of the world's past problems - wars, suffering, burning of witches etc, wars over religion etc. **christian especially catholic teaching of abortions/sex before marraige etc is the thing that enrages me. The church wants you all to be poor and popping out kids one after the other - they do not care for the people, only that more people of thier religion are bought into the world to keep thier ideas alive. They would rather a single woman have a baby, be poor, on welfare, drop out of school and have no job prospects for the future rather than be sensilbe and have an abortion, then finish school, find a man and give a child a proper life. This is wrong and inhumane.**turn the other cheek - ha ha ha you will be trodden on all your life if you do this. How crazy are the religious nuts that put up signs saying "we forgive you" to a killer just hours after a murder has taken place?? this is crazy and no sane person can see the logic in this.***masturbation being wrong - are these people still in the 17th century???***at my highschool books were given out on how abortion hurts the baby - my friends and I all agreed that we didn't care, all we would want is to get the damn thing out of us.***no sex before marriage - why the hell not??? if it's safe and you're in love go for it I say - well not just me I read that over 90% of people who get married these days are not virgins - well of course not we all know that the god loving people are all hypocrites. I could go on but it's late, from Amanda.

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