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The real motive.

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Posted by James 5:16 on July 30, 2001 at 18:35:37:

In Reply to: Re: on god or gods or creator posted by Ezekiel 25:17 on July 29, 2001 at 11:16:06:

: The basis of most of Christianity is based on assumptions, small bricks in the walls of belief. It continues to my utter amazement, how
the foundation of belief remains so solid, despite the fact many of these bricks are built haphazardly and lacking substance. I guess for some, swallowing small lies make it easier for the big lies to be palatable.

How is anything not based on faith? Even the foundation of the lack of belief is founded on belief that there is no god and nothing is divinely inspired. We, each of us, have foundations in belief. Even in the belief in nothing. Now, perhaps we disagree in what should be believed, but the idea that we believe in mutually unsupportable lies is foolish. Christians do have faith. That is the foundation. You have faith in nothing. That is your foundation. What we both look for is the truth in life. I have found a truth that I believe to be credible, as you have chosen to believe in nothing. Or is there more to you than that?

: This is a perfect case of what's known as 'Battered Wife's Syndrome'.
: This is where the husband beats the wife constantly, yet the wife continuously believes that the beatings are brought about by her actions despite any illogic.

: Sometimes its a mistake to overlook the obvious and seek answers to questions which are right in front of you. The Ol' can't see the forest for the trees syndrome. Or if you prefer Ochum's Razor, 'the simplest explanation is usually the correct one'. Thus, if there are mistakes in the bible, than it occurred due to the fallibility of mankind, in its works, its translations and its reprints.

First, as I said in the original posting, one of the fundamental premises of Christianity is that we cannot know all of God, at least not now. Based upon that notion, there can only be an understanding of faith in the truth that we presuppose about the universe. Catholics share little with the Baptists in the practices of church on Sundays, for example. In this we make true save for a few fundamentals that each christian church assumes to be true. You, yourself, believe in nothing.

In all honesty, I haven't been a Christian long enough to be a battered man. I started being a Christian, not at birth, not being raised Christian, but by assuming nothing and attempting to uncover the truth based upon the minimalist premises upon which I could uncover (if any). I took years to figure it out. And even still, as I mentioned before, I don't have the entirety of the truth of the universe (as I see it) uncovered. Battery assumes an assailant. That is obviously untrue here.

By the way, have you ever read a book with complete understanding? Bet you haven't. Try Moby Dick. Or one of the John Grisham novels. Or even a comic book. It isn't going to happen. Especially when the book that you are reading is one that is assumed to be so important in your life as it is for a Christian. Many people see meaning in places where it does not exist and we must all be on guard against that. Christians assume meaning in the Bible. It is a premise. Do we understand what we read the first time? No, not always. Will we ever understand it completely? Not in this life! Therefore, we look and try to find meaning so that we can understand. If there are mistakes in reprints and translations then we can try to discern why. Biblical experts have worked on that project for several hundred years. It is still a matter of debate. It forever shall be.

: If you look hard enough in any location, its always possible to interpret a moral or lifestyle suggestion. Although how some can find parallels for queries about the dinosaurs, life in outer space, homosexuality, women priests and so forth in the bible is often beyond my understanding.

Mine too, but frankly I choose to believe in something than nothing. Also, I can find the morals in any passage. Do I agree with every passage of every book, poem or song? Nope. You must make a judgment as to what is worthy of believing in.

: Humans aren't perfect. The world is not perfect. Why should we assume that therefore something of this world and written by humans is perfect? The first step alone is simply illogical.

We say that the Bible is divinely inspired. We assume that God used these authors to write His word on paper in many languages over hundreds of years. However, we say that God caused these people not only to write the words but also what words to write.

: However, assuming you're willing to overlook the obvious, then what follows afterwards could theoretically make sense. The capacity to ignore or attempt to explain the fundamental largest flaws makes any subsequent errors seem trivial.

Have you ever asked a pastor to explain those words or have you ever read them yourself? If your pastor ignores the erros or flaws you speak of then he needs to be replaced. Now, no pastor, as no man, can completely explain the entirety of the Bible, but they can come close. You yourself prefer to say that no word is perfect rather than try to get explained the problems you have with the Bible. Bring those problems out into the open. I'll answer them here. Is that not the fundamental motive behind this board? If I can't answer them personally, then I'll get answers from a pastor that has higher education than me. I'm not afraid. Are you?
Can the premise of a statement make you so afraid that you can only say any statement said is wrong?
Be specific!
We can handle it. We'll discuss it here on this board.

I'm looking forward to your responses,

James 5:16

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