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Posted by Carl K. Kirkpatrick on August 11, 2001 at 17:07:37:

In Reply to: Re: Nope posted by Aslan on August 10, 2001 at 04:50:01:

I understand your disappointment. I will tell you that there is a God however...the same God who destroyed the known world with a flood, burned a city full of "his creation" to the ground, ordered the death via sacrifice of countless animals, and also declared that no power higher than he could be found....(His commitment to Abram) To further make his point he told Abram to slauter several animals and then proceeded to prance through their blood to "cement" his covenant with Abram (Abraham). This is the God that exisits. He is violent, cruel, selfish, arrogant, and destructive. The God that man created in the New Testament is very different...This God is compassionate, caring, etc. Well...there are a LOT of people making a LOT of money on this. Literally Billions of dollars are wasted each year to support lavish lifestyles of people such as Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Jessie Duplantis, Paul Crouch...just to name a few. The works that they do are good for the people overall, but their method of deceiving people from their money is extrodinary....Take heart in knowing that the truth is about to become known and God is about to be reveal in his true nature. Man will then be privy to the fact that God as we have known him is not only weak, but actually couldn't care less about humans or this planet. I wish you well, remember no matter how cruel God is, keep faith in yourself, and the good things that you can do for others. Always do for others everything you can to help them, to comfort them and to improve their life as you can. But give yourself the credit, for if God actually was powerful, and caring he would eliminate crimes against people, eradicate sickness, and personally attend to our pains. Sadly, God is not capable or willing to do any of this. Life is yours, don't waste it serving something that cares nothing about you!

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