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Re: Money Money Money

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Posted by Ezekiel 25:17 on August 30, 2001 at 07:09:24:

In Reply to: A Mistaken Case of Motive posted by James 5:16 on August 29, 2001 at 11:01:51:

: I'm afraid you are mistaken sir. First, God wants us to follow him, He does not command us to do so. Christians make a commitment to follow Him and His commandments.

: Also, the majority of churches in the United States and the world are poor and can barely afford their pastor's or priest's salaries.

: Christianity is a two-way street.

: Thanks for listening,

: James 5:16

Just on that issue, you do realise that the richest organisation in the world besides Bill Gates Microsoft, is in fact the Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church is rich beyond the means of most large corporations and apart from the relatively small amount they pay on upkeep and salaries, the numerous donations they receive including contributions on Sundays, means I have little sympathy for any church out there.

Religion is one of the world's greatest money spinners. Which is why I'm so against organised religion in any form. Throughout Europe, churches are decadent in size and religion is the greatest marketing gimmick. In most churches over there, there are even admission charges and souveneir stores inside for holy trinkets. In America, the advent of the more friendly Jesus in terms of figurines of sporting Jesus make a mockery of any religion.

Churches may claim they contribute to charity and the poor and keep relatively little in their own coffers, but you'll find these are mainly the smaller less main-stream off shoots of Christianity. The Vatican is one of the powerhouses of Central Europe and wields more power and influence than any other organisation.

Believe the bible, believe your minister, Believe in God, Believe what you will about religion. However, it is naivete in the extreme to believe the church is broke. If you have any concept of history, you'll find the Church has vast acreage and trust funds galore. Anywhere you find religion, you come across money, control and power. Just like anything else. (I didn't even mention tele-vangelists)

If you want to donate your money to a worthwhile cause - try a charity. Then again, I wouldn't trust every charity either.

My 2 cents.

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