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Re: Death and Religion (just long)

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Posted by Exodus 22:19 on September 03, 2001 at 08:46:11:

: I refuse to answer that question on the basis that it may incriminate humanity.
Where I come from, we don't have a '5th amendment'....(thank you God)

: Nothing overtly wrong with the majority view prevailing. My concern lies with the fact that humans are by nature conformists. When growing up in a similar background, most choose to accept rather than question. Without questions, how will we ever find the answers?

So you're going to condemn society for doing what most people believe in? Because you think most people are stupid? Go you. Major change takes time, but it happens. If we all could instantly see something as a good idea and change everything instantly, things may be different. And if there were a mistake, there may be laws enforcing the wearing of leg warmers in public - that seemed like a good idea at the time I assume....

: Lawyers are supposed to act as facilitators and participate in fulfilling society's laws and moral values. It is a role akin to being shot as the messenger who brings bad news. (whilst we're still swapping bad similes :))

Yes, yes... picky, picky. No more smiles. The main problem with lawyers and law makers is that it never works that way because they are paid to do their job which generally does not coincide with the above.

: The problem with society today is not enough people take responsibility for their actions.

I agree there... according to the law, there has to always be someone to blame for everything "Oh, I fell over my clumsy feet... let's sue the guy who owns the store..." The problem not being that, but that the law has been so f'd up that these people are actually listened to.

:Values such as love, honour, respect and sacrifice have diminished rapidly. Whether you believe this is true, and whether you believe this is overtly linked to a decline in Christianity is debatable.

Diminish rapidly when compared to what? Times when a woman couldn't divorce a husband because she couldn't get a job or alimony? When every divorce had to have only one guilty party? Basis for argument plz....

: Unless you've truly been in an experience wherefore you are on the brink of survival, then I would argue that the closer to death you are, the stronger this fear grows. (E.g. Having someone point a gun at you)

Having life forcefully taken from you is a little different to death as I mean it. No-one wants to die. If you're frightened of someone pointing a gun at you it's somewhat different to fearing death itself!

: You state that all generalisations are bad
Hence the irony....

:, yet you generalise by stating that anyone who dies of natural causes, dies peacefully :)
In my experience, yes.

: Apart from old age, is there actually a natural way to die?
Disease, old-age... if death is expected, most people can come to terms with it.

: I quote badly 'will thou goest quietly into that last goodnight?'.
Who said that?

: Generalisations are poor arguments, which is why I tend to try and avoid them, but its not often possible and we all need a starting point.:)
Your arguments are ALWAYS crap anyway! :)

: I'm not versed on canon law on this particular issue. Is it a factor to take into account when suicides occur? Not everybody feels their life is worthwhile, which is why so many people question the meaning of life and their existence.

And whose fault is it that they don't feel their life is worthwhile... the search for meaning and worth in life is the journey (starting to sound like guru swami here). Would you really feel so much better if you were told that the meaning of life is to eat as much chocolate as you can before you die? Any meaning of life would be so trivial as to sound stupid.

: (again I generalise) For what makes a life worthwhile?

Individuality. People. Finding purpose. Life doesn't come with a set of instructions and it is up to you to find worth in life. Or else you can be a complete cynic and sit on your arse and say there is no worth in life - basically the easy road in the short term. Your choice.

: No matter how much I achieve in this lifetime, there is _always_ something more than I could potentially achieve had I the time and the inclination :)

Your point being? That you can never be 100% happy? What is 100% happy???? Happiness in the true form cannot be measured in parts per hundred....

: Firstly, let me state that most psychological profiles and analysis are total trash and can be interpreted in a multitude of ways which render them useless apart from wild generalisations.

This is not a profile... it's a hypothetical question and a relevant one.

Secondly, let me state that we are again dealing with a question which is not actually possible ever and is too hypothetical to justify. (Like: If you had a wish, what would it be?")

Not really. It's not that broad. 2 answers yes or no.

Thirdly, I believe in free-will and have no belief in pre-determination in any way or form and that our destinies are our own to choose. We may be limited by our circumstances and background but what we choose to do is our own personal choice. (i.e. I might want to become a concert pianist, but I clearly don't have sufficient talent, yet that does not stop me enjoying playing piano regardless) Lastly, let me answer it anyway!

Like you said, it's hypothetical... not _too_ hypothetical I didn't think.

: Of course, I would want to know the exact circumstances of my death. It adds to life something we all seek - certainty. Statistics, odds, probability are present in every situation and to know for certain when one event will occur is an amazing advantage.

That answer is what I would say 99% of people would give. (except perhaps the justification) Basically then, in essence, you do not fear death itself.

: Firstly, I would attempt in any way possible to avoid it :) If that was not possible, it would give me an opportunity to set my soul at ease.

Remembering that the point of the question is that you can't avoid it, why wouldn't your soul be at ease without knowing?

: Nothing really prepares you to live life to its fullest, until you have experienced death at close hand.

Why do you say that?

: I would take that final opportunity to pay off all my old debts, write final personal letters of farewell and thanks to all my friends and family, and organise my final affairs and legacy. I would also request Mariah Carey's 'The Wind' at my wake :) I'd also consider taking vengeance on all those who I consider have wronged me in the past. Basically, I'd attempt to ensure I could put all my regrets to rest just before I passed away.

Sounds fair enough... you vengeful chap you.

: I don't believe in the concepts of good and evil. Yes, I do mention it throughout my posts yet that is due to my own inadequacy in vocabulary in expressing these concepts in a more cognizant term.

I am beginning to understand where you're coming from with your views on whether the moral majority should override the minority, not that I agree with it. Good and evil are not entities, they exist in the eye of the beholder. Flat out cold blooded murder is evil in the eyes of almost everyone. If we were to allow it as an expression of freedom, against the wishes of the majority it would be seen as 'evil'.

:Satisfaction from any given event is only transitory when considered from the point of oblivion :) The only concepts I believe which are fulfulling are not past deeds, but hope, love and dreams.

It depends on your nature, but that seems quite shallow. 2 of these things are simple emotions, and if anything is transient, they are. There are far more fulfilling things than these things (for me anyway), you just have to find them within yourself. (no, I don't mean to sound like confucius, but I can't help it)

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