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Re: The End (just too damn long)(pt1)

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Posted by Ezekiel 25:17 on September 07, 2001 at 04:15:12:

Okay, that's enough, I think we've cluttered up the forum again :) Its a sad indictment on this issue that I've once again far exceeded the character limit, even after Chris was kind enough to extend it :)

This will be my final post on this subject, savour it, as I think we're slipping a little off topic here. Any topics you consider vital, please repeat in another message as this will be my final 2 cents on this topic :) (thus any questions I pose to you are entirely rhetorical)

: So you're going to condemn society for doing what most people believe in? Because you think most people are stupid? Go you. Major change takes time, but it happens. If we all could instantly see something as a good idea and change everything instantly, things may be different. And if there were a mistake, there may be laws enforcing the wearing of leg warmers in public - that seemed like a good idea at the time I assume....

I'm not condemning society for having good intentions. I just don't believe that spiritually and ethically we are heading in the right direction due to societal factors including conformity.

: Yes, yes... picky, picky. No more smiles. The main problem with lawyers and law makers is that it never works that way because they are paid to do their job which generally does not coincide with the above.

If everyone could get along perfectly well, there would be no need for lawyers (keep that happy thought in mind).

: I agree there... according to the law, there has to always be someone to blame for everything "Oh, I fell over my clumsy feet... let's sue the guy who owns the store..." The problem not being that, but that the law has been so f'd up that these people are actually listened to.

It comes down to whether you believe in giving second chances, than 3rd chances, than 4th chances and whether people can actually change.
That's another issue entirely.

: Having life forcefully taken from you is a little different to death as I mean it. No-one wants to die. If you're frightened of someone pointing a gun at you it's somewhat different to fearing death itself!

Would you be any more scared of death, if you were diagnosed with a terminal disease and had only a few weeks left to live? Or would you be more scared if you had a gun pointed towards you? Its all relative, but the basic fact is that most people don't die peacefully and fear of death is common factor regardless.

: Your arguments are ALWAYS crap anyway! :)

That's not very nice :) 'Sometimes' is far more charitable.

: And whose fault is it that they don't feel their life is worthwhile... the search for meaning and worth in life is the journey (starting to sound like guru swami here). Would you really feel so much better if you were told that the meaning of life is to eat as much chocolate as you can before you die? Any meaning of life would be so trivial as to sound stupid.

Its society's fault. We live in a generation where moreso than any other period, teenage suicide is at a maximum, whilst the inequitable distribution of world profits has led to the richest 5% of the world only about 95% of the world's wealth. Who comprises society? We do, thus it is our own fault for encouraging this moral decay, as wealth and power become the new ethical guidelines of society.

There is no single meaning of life, it should only be decided by the individual themselves.

: : (again I generalise) For what makes a life worthwhile?

: Individuality. People. Finding purpose. Life doesn't come with a set of instructions and it is up to you to find worth in life. Or else you can be a complete cynic and sit on your arse and say there is no worth in life - basically the easy road in the short term. Your choice.

Indeed, life is what you choose it to be. Nothing in life is unredeemable, the question is at the current progression will there be a better standard of living for the majority in the future.
: : No matter how much I achieve in this lifetime, there is _always_ something more than I could potentially achieve had I the time and the inclination :)

: Your point being? That you can never be 100% happy? What is 100% happy???? Happiness in the true form cannot be measured in parts per hundred....

My point being that the reason people fear death is that they will always feel that there is something left to achieve in life! Pay attention, don't make me repeat myself.

: That answer is what I would say 99% of people would give. (except perhaps the justification) Basically then, in essence, you do not fear death itself.

Untrue, acceptance of the inevitable doesn't necessarily necessitate the negation of fear.
(try saying that 10 times quickly)

: Remembering that the point of the question is that you can't avoid it, why wouldn't your soul be at ease without knowing?

Fear of the unknown?
: : Nothing really prepares you to live life to its fullest, until you have experienced death at close hand.

: Why do you say that?

Its true for all aspects of life. Nothing takes sweeter then after a reprieve from death. You don't appreciate the concept of love until you have had your heart broken. Without sacrifice and pain, there is no true appreciation of worth.

: Sounds fair enough... you vengeful chap you.

Some preach forgiveness, but I disagree. My namesake Ezekiel, and his belief in the vengeance of God is my ethical example :P
"Lo shall I strike thee down with great anger and righteous vengeance, all those who corrupt and vex my brothers, and by that you shall know I am the LORD!"
The world needs more smiting. Especially of parking inspectors and politicans. Cynical to say in this day and age, but some people only are deterred by punishment.

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