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God and Christianity

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Posted by Guy on September 07, 2001 at 16:43:21:

Most who call themselves lovers of Christ, of Truth, are just liars and hypocrites -- individuals who worship not the living God, but their own ideas and images about Him, which makes these people idolaters. They have their reward: divided lives filled with tensions and desires. These people are building their Kingdom in this world, even though they profess to be doing differently. The True kingdom of Heaven is not a time to come, but a living God who dwells within each of us, which is the only place any man will find Christ and His Life -- and this search is now or never.

Who then is the real lover of Christ? The man who professes this love, calling out His name to everyone, who quotes scripture, who scorns those who don't know the Bible and its laws while breaking these laws himself in judgment of others, who tells all of his abiding love for God but who then dreams of making lots of money, adorns himself with gold and jewels, allows his ambitions to drive him, is willing to compromise others for the sake of his "uncompromised" life, and who carries forward and breeds within himself resentment for someone who may have once hurt him? Or is the Love of God and Christ the man who sees the truth of these lies in human form and then, in his awareness of the truth, separates himself out from them? Christ said, "I come to separate a man from his Mother, from his Father, etc." If Christ were in physical form today, he would look upon what is being done in His name as an abomination.

Don't you see? I could tell you that Christ is the Light, the Life, the Son of God and my only inspiration, and meanwhile be a raving, psychotic liar whose only quest is to make you think I'm what you need for me to be so I can get what I want from you. The point here, in case it's not clear, is that if you can't tell, without being told, what someone is, and what they love, then what are you? Didn't Christ Himself say that He knows his own? What's wrong with us that we can't tell our own from those who want to own our souls by lying to us about what they really love?

These lost souls and their organizations are worse than worthless. They keep the young ones in the Spirit from finding any real water. They are secretly dedicated to keeping you spiritually "satisfied" -- by feeding you either fearful ideas or sentimental notions that pump you up -- because that is how they keep their influence over you.

Christ is a living Being, His Life is the only measure, and it is supposed to be ours; not in an ideal sense, as in the idea or "hope" of having "one day," but Now! So again, measure what is True in your spiritual studies by this criteria. If what you learn from my work helps to awaken within you this Love of Truth, and if this Love inspires you to love Christ all the more, then you have your answer. But no one can tell you these things. "You must have eyes to see; ears to hear"... "By their fruit shall ye know them."

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