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Re: Is this the last day of the last days

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Posted by James 5:16 on September 19, 2001 at 21:57:38:

In Reply to: Is this the last day of the last days posted by david on September 19, 2001 at 19:57:51:

: What has really begun in America? Was it the first round
: of Armaggedon? Wat is Israel and Russias role in it?

There are many ways to interpret what has happened in America. You pose an extremely difficult question.

However, it should be known that, in the final tally, America has very little to do with the fate of the world. We, as Americans, might feel arrogant enough to think that we are the nations referred to in Revelation in the End Days. We are not.

I believe what has really begun in America is a major panic attack. Now, that's a little crude, I admit. However, there is still no power that can defeat us as a nation.

These threats that have been coming our way (namely the terrorists') are frightening. There is no conceding that. However, the fact remains that we can come together as a nation to defeat and destroy the enemies of our state and people. That is a very Biblical concept.

Also, America is not really mentioned in the Bible, either specifically or not, regarding the final days. Nor is Russia. Both of our nations are mentioned in the writings of Nostradamus who made predictions regarding the end of the world. We are set up in his writings to be the major powers in the final struggle. However, the Bible does not support this in any way.

The rest of your question is VERY difficult. Israel is mentioned in the Bible. Without a doubt, the final signs of the end times are listed there. There and another place called Babylon.

Almost all Biblical scholars agree that the end days will start there. There will be signs that are very visible. There will be wars world-wide. Plagues. And death. Of course, there will be other signs, but those are an example.

Now, it could be easily argued that those things have been going on for thousands of years and they would be right, but these things would occur across the planet.

One of the major Biblical signs of the final days is the reconstruction of Babylon, as a city and nation. We have not seen that yet.

Part of the problem in trying to comfort you is that while I can present a hundred more examples of signs in Revelation or Daniel or John, fundamentally, God "will come as a thief into the night." While we are not looking.

Another problem comes in that while I have one interpretation of these verses, many other Biblical scholars see things another way...I can't tell you one way or another specifically when these things will occur, even if they will occur in our lifetime. And I would be unwise if I did. The examples I gave from above represent literal statements from the Bible itself and there are others that are subject to interpretation. It's hard to tell one from the other sometimes. However, God designed the book that way.

He gave us just enough to let us know that there are literal signs out there and enough ambiguity to make certain we will NOT know when the last days are here.

I believe that God wants us to live as if each day was the last day, not only of the world but of our lives as well.

People that are Christians and believe in the saving power of Jesus have nothing to fear, even if the world ends during our lifetime. What are a few years relative to eternity?

In short, nothing.

So, should we be looking to see if this is the end times?


Should we make it our life's ambition to determine this?

Not at all! (Although many make this mistake.)

God wants us to live each day as His children and behave in a way directed to us in the Bible.

Should a Christian fear the end days?

No. It's a precedent for our coming to live with God for eternity without the worries and sins.

Let us live each day!

Thanks for reading,

James 5:16

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