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Re: Is this the last day of the last days

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Posted by Ezekiel 25:17 on October 10, 2001 at 03:57:54:

In Reply to: Is this the last day of the last days posted by david on September 19, 2001 at 19:57:51:

: What has really begun in America? Was it the first round
: of Armaggedon? Wat is Israel and Russias role in it?

The bombing of the WTC is the start of a war of terror, and war such as we have never known it.
Terrorism has existed throughout the centuries although perhaps it is only in these last few decades where it has become more prevalent.

Terrorists aren't part of any nation state, they are scattered throughout numerous countries and aren't easily targeted.
It is a method of warfare that is unstoppable. Not all the tanks, army, airforce, navy or missles of the USA can stop, and this has resulted in a great fear amongst the populace.

The huge civilian loss in life of this recent tragedy left the US with little choice but to fight in a war it cannot possibly win. The US has responded in the only way it possibly could and sought to destroy as many terrorists camps as possible in Afghanistan. However, the problem is symptomatic throughout the Middle East and these attacks have only further inflamed dissidents.

I can't profess to know what the solution to this crisis is. However, what it clearly isn't is the prelude to apocalypse and armageddon. Whilst countries have the capability to launch nuclear attacks and biological warfare to such an extent that humanity is expunged from the face of the Earth, terroists lack this widescale ability.

Perhaps, there will be many casualties due to incessant terrorist activity and warfare, but as always the world will continue to function.

Russia has lost most of its allure and power since the Cold War, and seems more concerned with maintaining its own internal unity. I doubt it will have a large role to play in the politics of the world in the near future, although it maintains a large standing army and many biological weapons.

Israel and Palestine are the two central issues of a debate that appears to have no resolution. Muslims are incensed at the apparent aid and support beyond the call of duty that America lavishes on Israel, yet much of this aid is often justified. It would take a far better scholar than myself to suggest which side is correct yet this will be the key to resolving much tension in the Middle East and worldwide in the near future.

Is this the last day of the last days?
I can say emphatically no.
It is simply another sad and sorry chapter to add to the story of humanity's inability to live a decade in peace.

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