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9/11/01 brought God Down to us

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Posted by orpie on November 13, 2001 at 14:51:06:

I heard a man talking about touring the World Trade Center site. He remarked about how it brought him close to tears, just thinking about it again. When we find ourselves with that lump in our throats, or suddenly bursting into tears...that's when God is near. His presence is so amazing, so glorious, we can't comprehend it. His love is so great, it envelopes us in a peace we can't understand.

When those towers fell, the pure evil of satan was right there. Couldn't we all feel the evil of that terrible moment. We could almost feel his pain invading our hearts. But who was first on the scene? God was there. He was in the hearts of the ones who ran to help the fallen. He was with the ones who ran towards danger to save a brother or sister. God was there with a man who held the hand of another man burned so terribly, his face was barely recognizable. God was with the cynical New York woman who ran to help an injured pregnant mother, and stayed till help arrived.

About a month after the attacks, I was still having nightmares, and growing more and more worried. Every morning, as I awoke, the remainder of the same dream lingered...I was in the midst of a massive crumbling building. People fell with the girders, all around to bury me. Screams mingled with the roaring and ripping steel. and yet I could also hear a deep gleeful chuckle.

Then one afternoon, a dear woman I had known for many years passed away. She was one of those people who everyone loved, and wanted to be around. It was God's love shining through her. So the next morning, the alarm rang. I jumped out of bed, and was across the room before I realized the crumbling building was gone. I stopped in my tracks. I thought NO...did that just happen? But it did. The nightmare was gone. Instead I heard Helen's voice telling me to wake up now. The dream never came back, and I am doing great. God sent her to help, and she did. You see, if He came Himself, we couldn't handle it. He is just too great.

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