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I'm back

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Posted by Ezekiel 25:17 on November 14, 2001 at 07:01:39:

Lo, the prodigal son doth returneth to the green pastures of this bulletin board.

I can't say I've seen a great deal of activity in these posts, but I'll have a closer look later.

Just on the note of a few issues which have irritated me lately and possibly have nothing at all to do with this topic, humour me if you will.

Can all you religious fanatics get a grip on reality? Movies such as Harry Potter and Sabrina the Teenage Witch are not satan spawned creations designed to entice the younger generation into the depths of evil necromancy. Once you can learn to differentiate between fantasy and real life, perhaps then you'll gain some credibility. I realise I speak to the minority here, but ascetism goes only so far.

Secondly, whilst the war on Afghanistan continues and Bin Laden grows closer to capture, one must wonder what the eventual outcome will be. It can be observed that throughout history, tyrants justify their actions by stating that their actions are for the greater good, or for a war between good and evil. Only when legitimate reasons cannot be found, will leaders get so blase. Just for once, can we not deal with political rhetoric, and describe this situation as it really is? A retaliatory strike with the key goal of disrupting one terrorist network with the long-term aim of scaring away other terrorists. Will this be successful? I doubt it, but time will tell.

Have I discovered God on my sojourn?
Honestly, its been the last thing on my mind these last few weeks, so any new prophecies or second comings which I've negligently failed to take note of, please feel free to enlighten me :)

Here ends the sermon.

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