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Re: do you beleive in God

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Posted by Ezekiel 25:17 on November 14, 2001 at 07:26:33:

In Reply to: do you beleive in God posted by preecher on November 04, 2001 at 00:09:52:

Today class, we have the typical post of a religious zealot. Note the features which help identify such posts carefully.
1. The extraordinarily bad spelling.
2. The lack of meaningful punctutation.
3. The tell-tale exclamation marks.

Fortunately, this is a moderate post in the scale of things and lacks the full blown capital letters found in more extreme posts.

Now, we've analysed the structure of such posts, let us take a closer look at the substance.
I think we can basically agree, the premise behind this post was 'To gain further knowledge about God'. The way by which this can accomplished seems to be via 'reading of the bible' and/or 'asking God for a meaning'. This is supposedly clarified with a P.S. stating that 'man is not required' when searching for answers about God.

Note the inherent contradiction which is present in only 2 lines of said post. Obviously, if one is to ask God for answers, than man is not required. However, 'man is not required' in the context of reading the bible is a contradiction in itself. The bible was written by man, from stories concocted by man, even those supposedly divinely inspired. Any inherent errors within these pages are man-made, and any beliefs are likewise.

Next, we must look at the purpose behind such a post. Obviously, this was posted for the express purpose of enlightening others out there seeking answers. It intends to guide others towards the Bible as the source of all answers.
Does it fulfil its purpose?
Is it pursuasive? Well since it contains no arguments, than probably not. (although it does contain an exclamation mark)
Is it logical? Perhaps it some vague context I have overlooked.

I think we can safely conclude that this is another post destined to fade into obscurity alongside many other worthless contributions such as "I BELEIVE!!!".

Please for the love of God, put some effort into these posts before you click that button. Inspiring stories, radical beliefs are all fine if there is at least some attempt to justify them. (Note: James 5:16 as a good poster).
At least if you have trouble with grammar and spelling, write your post in Microsoft Word and hit the spell-check. However, you don't need good spelling to make a good post, you just need to make semi-valid points which you've actually thought about.

Is this the worst example out there? Not by a long-shot, it just happens to be one of the unlucky posts I just happened upon :)

I understand that not many of you can spare the time or effort to make a post as long as mine, but if its worth doing, its worth doing well.
Would God want you to put a poor effort up?


: If you want to know something about God why don't you read the bible for yourself and ask God to tell you what it means. P.S. you don't need man to tell you what God is all about!

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