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Re: 3 questions

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Posted by Exodus 22:19 on November 22, 2001 at 06:48:58:

In Reply to: Re: 3 questions posted by Ezekiel 25:17 on November 21, 2001 at 05:42:12:

: : : Apart from the bible, is there any actual signs one can point to in stating that God is just, merciful or even cares one iota about the existence of humans?
: : Well Maw, there is lots.
: : #1 I don't see Satan anywhere. Except when I look at Cher. But maybe that's just me.
: My advice, don't look at Cher :)
That's good advice... if only I'd known that in my younger days....

: : #2 If God didn't give a stuff, why would we exist in the first place?
: God or a Creator may have created the universe, but the creatures which have evolved since the inception are not necessarily by design. Evolutionists can field this question, I won't go here.
So basically you're saying that if God exists, he/she/it can't be omnipotent, as that is the only way creatures would exist not by design.

: : #3 Even if we are just one big experimental joke, I can think of funnier ones. But I suppose humour is always in the eye of the beholder...
: I always thought it was anti-magic and a lot of nasty side effects which were in the eyes of a beholder.
Have you been playing too much D&D or something??? Well I've got 20 Charisma and at least 18 Dexterity, so you're going down :)

: : : Does the existence of God necessarily mean the existence of the devil?
: : Well that's a bit tough isn't it. No. They're just arbitrary concepts designed to describe good and evil. I think when most people think of God though, they're thinking of a greater power, not necessarily the Biblical type God.
: Does the fact God exist, necessarily imply that God is good?
It doesn't imply anything. Draw whatever conclusions you want from life.

: : : What qualities or attributes should God have to make
: : : him/her/it worth believing in? (e.g. Merciful, loving, omnipotent)
: : Don't you think that's a bit beside the point. You can believe in God if you find reason to believe. It's not a matter of what qualities God has.
: : If God is an omnipotent all powerful being, as I'm sure you like to think, then don't you think that saying "Well, gee God I'd like to believe in you, but you don't magic up enough chocolate for me these days." is going to cut it?
: : Maybe your idea of God is Jeanne from "I dream of Jeanie"
: : Come to think of it, it's mine too :)

: I believe the point I was getting towards is not the tangible benefits you can receive from a deity moreas to the inherent characteristics that make it worth believing in. If God made arbitrary rules that made no sense and had clear bias, than from that you can infer that perhaps your choice of deity has something to be desired.
: If you were going to believe in a deity, wouldn't the natural inclination be towards a loving, merciful and just deity?
Probably. But God is God is God so the fact you believe he exists is enough to make him worth believing in, not "tangible benefits".

: I'm afraid I never watched that show :)
No wonder you're such a cynic.

: But as you were kindly enough to answer my 3 questions, I'll grant you 3 wishes.
Okaay.... I wish for 3 wishes.

: However, you'll have to abide by the Terms of Agreement listed below.
Never stopped me with Microsoft products...

: Terms of Agreement
: 1. If by any chance whatsoever these wishes backfire in any way or form, the management disclaims any and all responsibility.
: 2. If by any chance whatsoever these wishes do not come true, the management disclaims all responsibility.
: 3. If by any chance these wishes cause collateral damage to any 3rd party, the management disclaims all responsbility.
: 4. If by any chance these wishes do come true, the management reserves the right to claim any and all profit/goods/gains/collateral it desires from any and all said wishes.
: 5. If by any chance these wishes do not come true, yet you gain any significant financial boon in any event, the management reserves the right to claim such goods as a subconscious wish, as per Term 4.
: 6. Any attempts to avoid such terms and conditions as stated above will result in the management hiring bounty hunters.
: 7. No complaints or correspondence will be entered into by the management.
You can look forward to my lawsuit due to personal loss from the pain and suffering of not receiving 3 wishes. I believe that abides by the terms of agreement. See you in court.

: Have a nice day!
Don't forget to check the snack bar on the way out.

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