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Re: 3 questions

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Posted by Ezekiel 25:17 on November 22, 2001 at 08:49:47:

In Reply to: Re: 3 questions posted by Exodus 22:19 on November 22, 2001 at 06:48:58:

: : : #1 I don't see Satan anywhere. Except when I look at Cher. But maybe that's just me.
: : My advice, don't look at Cher :)
: That's good advice... if only I'd known that in my younger days....
In time, most psychological trauma does go away.

: : : #2 If God didn't give a stuff, why would we exist in the first place?
: : God or a Creator may have created the universe, but the creatures which have evolved since the inception are not necessarily by design. Evolutionists can field this question, I won't go here.
: So basically you're saying that if God exists, he/she/it can't be omnipotent, as that is the only way creatures would exist not by design.
Correct, I'm saying that the assumption that God exists does not necessarily imply that God is omnipotent.

: : : #3 Even if we are just one big experimental joke, I can think of funnier ones. But I suppose humour is always in the eye of the beholder...
: : I always thought it was anti-magic and a lot of nasty side effects which were in the eyes of a beholder.
: Have you been playing too much D&D or something??? Well I've got 20 Charisma and at least 18 Dexterity, so you're going down :)
D&D isn't that a satan spawned game which is devoted to converting us all to some religious hell like cult?

: : If you were going to believe in a deity, wouldn't the natural inclination be towards a loving, merciful and just deity?
: Probably. But God is God is God so the fact you believe he exists is enough to make him worth believing in, not "tangible benefits".
Just because a God does exist, why must that automatically imply that we follow unconditionally.

: : I'm afraid I never watched that show :)
: No wonder you're such a cynic.
I'm not a cynic, I just explore avenues of truth which others choose to ignore.

: : But as you were kindly enough to answer my 3 questions, I'll grant you 3 wishes.
: Okaay.... I wish for 3 wishes.
Sorry, that's a strike. See subsection 6325 of the Genie guidelines provision.

: : However, you'll have to abide by the Terms of Agreement listed below.
: Never stopped me with Microsoft products...

: : Terms of Agreement
: : 1. If by any chance whatsoever these wishes backfire in any way or form, the management disclaims any and all responsibility.
: : 2. If by any chance whatsoever these wishes do not come true, the management disclaims all responsibility.
: : 3. If by any chance these wishes cause collateral damage to any 3rd party, the management disclaims all responsbility.
: : 4. If by any chance these wishes do come true, the management reserves the right to claim any and all profit/goods/gains/collateral it desires from any and all said wishes.
: : 5. If by any chance these wishes do not come true, yet you gain any significant financial boon in any event, the management reserves the right to claim such goods as a subconscious wish, as per Term 4.
: : 6. Any attempts to avoid such terms and conditions as stated above will result in the management hiring bounty hunters.
: : 7. No complaints or correspondence will be entered into by the management.
: You can look forward to my lawsuit due to personal loss from the pain and suffering of not receiving 3 wishes. I believe that abides by the terms of agreement. See you in court.

See term 2 and term 7.

: : Have a nice day!
: Don't forget to check the snack bar on the way out.
Okay, but there better be cheese sandwiches!

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