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Re: 3 questions

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Posted by Exodus 22:19 on November 23, 2001 at 20:09:36:

In Reply to: Re: 3 questions posted by Ezekiel 25:17 on November 22, 2001 at 08:49:47:

: In time, most psychological trauma does go away.
Tell that to my therapist.

: : : God or a Creator may have created the universe, but the creatures which have evolved since the inception are not necessarily by design. Evolutionists can field this question, I won't go here.
: : So basically you're saying that if God exists, he/she/it can't be omnipotent, as that is the only way creatures would exist not by design.
: Correct, I'm saying that the assumption that God exists does not necessarily imply that God is omnipotent.
So then what is God if not omnipotent? Aliens in a spaceship? Where did they come from?

: D&D isn't that a satan spawned game which is devoted to converting us all to some religious hell like cult?
Don't talk like that or I'll smite you with my +1 sword.

: Just because a God does exist, why must that automatically imply that we follow unconditionally.
The question is follow what? There's nothing to follow just because you believe in God. (and I'm not specifically talking about any religion)

: : : I'm afraid I never watched that show :)
: : No wonder you're such a cynic.
: I'm not a cynic, I just explore avenues of truth which others choose to ignore.
Beauty is a joy forever my friend.

: : : But as you were kindly enough to answer my 3 questions, I'll grant you 3 wishes.
: : Okaay.... I wish for 3 wishes.
: Sorry, that's a strike. See subsection 6325 of the Genie guidelines provision.
I've never read the guidelines, but if you like feel free to magic me up a copy.

: : : However, you'll have to abide by the Terms of Agreement listed below.
: : Never stopped me with Microsoft products...

: : : Terms of Agreement
: : : 1. If by any chance whatsoever these wishes backfire in any way or form, the management disclaims any and all responsibility.
: : : 2. If by any chance whatsoever these wishes do not come true, the management disclaims all responsibility.
: : : 3. If by any chance these wishes cause collateral damage to any 3rd party, the management disclaims all responsbility.
: : : 4. If by any chance these wishes do come true, the management reserves the right to claim any and all profit/goods/gains/collateral it desires from any and all said wishes.
: : : 5. If by any chance these wishes do not come true, yet you gain any significant financial boon in any event, the management reserves the right to claim such goods as a subconscious wish, as per Term 4.
: : : 6. Any attempts to avoid such terms and conditions as stated above will result in the management hiring bounty hunters.
: : : 7. No complaints or correspondence will be entered into by the management.
: : You can look forward to my lawsuit due to personal loss from the pain and suffering of not receiving 3 wishes. I believe that abides by the terms of agreement. See you in court.

: See term 2 and term 7.
Firstly, a lawsuit is not a complaint. Secondly, it is against the law in most countries to deny responsibility for any kind of binding agreement. I hope you Genies have good lawyers.

: : : Have a nice day!
: : Don't forget to check the snack bar on the way out.
: Okay, but there better be cheese sandwiches!
Thank you, come again.

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