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Re: Are you for real ? Is there a GOD ?

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Posted by Old School on March 08, 2001 at 22:54:29:

In Reply to: Are you for real ? Is there a GOD ? posted by Noggod on March 06, 2001 at 00:21:47:

The most interesting one of these questions to me is the last one: Why do we have to go poo-poo if we were created in his image?

That is a perfect question.

I can't quote the bible for you or anything but I can tell you that I believe that God is essentially SPIRIT and that we are created also from His/Her spirit. Our spirit is an "image" of God's SPIRIT. Our job is to reunite our spirit with the great spirit that is God.

I know that's probably not a biblical interpetation but I prefer to believe that God does not have to use the toidy. I believe that God is spirit and so are we.

: If there were a god :
: 1.Then why is the universe really big ?
: 2.How could we possibly be safe from harm and out of Eden at the same time ?
: 3.Why do ministers have to be liscensed state physcologists ?
: 4.Why do preachers need money from congregations ?
: 5.Why do "people" tell us that a "god" will answer us?
: 6.How come only dyin old men and poor women believe ?
: 7.Why doesn't god tell us about the Bible instead himself ?
: 8.Why don't Judges have to swear in every day, even the President doesn't remember everything they tell.
: 9. And finally, why do we have to go to the bathroom
: if we were created "in his image" ?

: The bible was written by scholars in a time when just explaining how to read to average citizens was a gigantic chore. Basic human morals were fair beyond most peoples ability to understand. Thus people were encouraged to "turn theirselves in" every Sunday just in case punishment were needed.
: Grow up.

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