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The truth about why I believe

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Posted by James Karanikolaou on March 01, 2002 at 15:51:13:

Prophetic dreams of future accidents including my son when he burned his arm. God giving me answers to my small requests, using the authority of Jesus name to
stop disaster or harm to my family friends and neighbors. The awareness that there is a creator that loves us and wants the very best for us, so we are taught and disciplined. Biblical prophecy being fullfilled in a very short span of time-- look at the
the countries that hate Christ and Jews, they are ruled by religion and kept poor by the Princes and Kings of their Countries, the hatred is there because the offsping of Abraham's wife's maidservent were cast out from Abraham and grew from Mecca in Saudi Arabia.
They are the descendants of Ishmael-Issac the Jews is their half brother. Esau and Jacob are offsping from Issac which are now Jacob=Israel and Esau=USA and EUROPE, the west protecting the offsping of Jacob. Ten tribes that have long since been away from Israel Judah was taken by Babylon around 606 BC. Islam was permanently established around 666 AD. The Koran speaks of God not having a son and question the apostles. This question is rebellion to God's plan for us. The west and Israel are blessed because God is going to return Israel's spiritual birthright to them the tribe of Judah and all the other tribes shall each be returned to their Land and their Father God through the sacrifice of the unblemished lamb of God Jesus Christ who died on the Cross for our sins. Watchout for the false Lamb that will try to deceive the world into believing that he is the messiah, he will have a wound on his head and require worship to him by forcing a mark on those who wish to Buy or Sell--in other words you must be a muslim and pray and worship and obey all religious laws of worship and atonement to be alloted favor by the religious rulers of Islam which are surely conquering major parts of the world through terror and Governmental systems and societies of the west by introducing TRAPS that are set like time bombs in all area's of business, medical and consumer as well as computer Y2k viruses that can immbed traps inside of the BIOS chips and Eprom prom IC's. The latest computers have safeguards from these terrorist tricks to upset the economy of the west . The middle east wants to dominate the world using ideaology from Russia and China as well as North Korea.
Where they must take the country from within and from the outside using resources from the targeted country.
I hope that and pray our leaders are in one accord with the Lord so that we can work the will of God's and not of our own will. Thank You, Jim.

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