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Posted by Ezekiel 25:17 on April 30, 2002 at 09:07:25:

In Reply to: Re: GOD IS JUST LIKE SANTA CLAUS posted by Susan on April 27, 2002 at 22:03:25:

: Ezekiel does not know the scripture -- or any other literature that well -- he's just a good writer with opinions who enjoys bear bating. I like him and wish he would come back. You poops are boring me to tears.

Ezekiel hears all, and Ezekiel responds well to wishes and compliments :)
I've been extraordinarily busy in the past few weeks and my schedule is no clearer in the coming months but I will drop by now and again.
I'm glad to see this forum flourishing, although I confess I've only had time to skim through some posts briefly.

I do not confess to know scripture fluently but I take offence that I'm no good at literature :(
As I patiently bear the slings and stones of outrageous fortune and weather the winter of discontent. Yeah, and um stuff like that, its amazing how much rubbish you can pick up when speed reading your way through literature.

: Oh, here's a thought. I'll bet you that Ezek is a personality that James came up with just so he could have someone to argue with about this stuff because no one else seems to care about it except for frothing at the mouth Christians -- you know -- if Christianity is all about love, why do they seem to get all about hate when someone puts a crusifix in a jar of piss?

You lose. No one can imitate the creative flair of the Zeke! :) Besides, I've watched a Beautiful Mind and I'm pretty sure I'm not that schitzophrenic. Although, I am coming up with my own original idea on free-will (yeah i know, promises promises - it didn't take John Nash half as long as its taking me). Religion is an important issue, but that doesn't mean we have to take it seriously. In fact many problems in the world come about due to people taking religion too seriously, and often it is best to just agree to disagree. Christians get mad because its a great disrespect to them to see crucifixes soaked in urine. Just pick a symbol of something you hold dear, lets say a car, and someone pissing on it, I bet you would not be happy :)
Then again, Christians are a lot more of a forgiving bunch than I am. But they're still only human and no one likes having their beliefs mocked.

There are 9 posts and I have no time to read all the various opinions, so here is my stance :)

Why God is like Santa Claus:
If you be good, you'll get treated well.
Parents use both figures to discipline children.

Why God is not like Santa Claus:
Santa never smote disbelievers.
Santa had 12 reindeer, Jesus had 12 disciples.
Santa has elves, God has angels.
Santa Claus likes milk and cookies, God likes wine and wafers.
Many people like to dress as Santa but don't think they're Santa.
Many people like to think they're God but don't dress like God.

: : : God is just like Santa Claus, we have not got any prooff of his nonexistance when we are kids and then we grow up and realize the truth. We have not got any proof of God's existance or nonexistance, just a funny book a band of pranksters made us believe it was written by him (just as our parents made us believe in Santa). Anyway we have to wait until we die to find out if HeSheIt is real or just another lie our parents told us.

: : You know, you are right. We get all kinds of stories of how if we are good throghout the year, we will receive presents. They read us stories and we saw Christmas specials and the like. That was pretty good until I was five and I caught my Dad making my first bike in the living room. It was no big deal.

: : My faith in God is true. I don't doubt that. Patience is an easy thing. My faith is there.

: : However, for clarity's sake, have you read the Bible, cover to cover?

: : I know a lot about Santa. Do you know a lot about the Bible? That's something I can say about Ezekiel. He knows his scripture well. When we have a debate, his arguments are articulate and well put-together.

Two compliments in one post, awww, I must go away more often :)

: : Your argument is like coming to a gunfight unarmed.

I'm not sure who'll read this far down, but that statement just reminded me of one of my favourite quotes.
"I don't want to get into a battle of wits with you, as I hate fighting someone who is unarmed" :)

I will be back.
So speaketh the Prophet, and so the people shall wait patiently for the Coming.

Ezekiel 25:17

P.S. I'm waiting for the Jesus is just like Elvis post.

: : Well, thanks for the time.

: : James 5:16

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