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Re: GOD IS JUST LIKE SANTA CLAUS and a note about UFOs

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Posted by C. Augusto Valdés on May 01, 2002 at 01:45:05:

In Reply to: Re: GOD IS JUST LIKE SANTA CLAUS posted by James 5:16 on April 30, 2002 at 14:07:40:

Ok, now i believe James and Ezequiel are, if not the same person, offline acquainted. they are the same kind of person, either the same person or the same breed or the same batch.
I have read James' answer about the age of gentiles. In my hometown we have a saying; "What he doesn't know he makes up"
No one knows everything, it's so refreshing to hear someone who says ' i don't know'
Sometimes culture liberates us from thinking, if someone already thought it why bother?, we may say. knowledge is a tool to discuss, not to settle dogma, and knowledge never ends, you will never know everything.
This is why I decided to post this thread in the same place. we have to let go, to acknowledge there is common knowledge we accept as true, just like Santa Claus, fact taken for granted when we are children, that is wrong.
A flat earth was undisputed accepted knowledge until Galileo came in and factually proved otherwise.
I have no proof those occasional aerial phenomena that manifest as balls of light are, in fact, pilot controlled aerial vehicles coming from another civilization, yet i choose not to believe in UFOs, not because there is not any proof they are not real, i don't believe in UFOs because the evidence of an alien conspiracy doesn't answer all the questions.
We, as human beings, are yet to accept there is things we will never understand, but we want so badly to understand we give that unproven knowledge some provisional explanation that is, within a short time, taken as the valid explanation, just because it makes some sense.
THe Creator of the Universe is an example of such an unproven fact. We have no evidence it is a man or the Holy Trinity or Hindi God Vishnu or a giant worm, and the proof given are texts someone wrote thinking in a provisional explanation that was accepted as dogma.
I do not expect to understand what created the universe in the first place, or if there is a design in creation. or if jews effectively are favoured by Sabaoth or the Great Al-Khadulu.

Is a flea able to understand the sheer size of the elephant it feeds on?

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