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Re: Are you for real ? Is there a GOD ?

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Posted by Ezekiel 25:17 on March 13, 2001 at 23:26:30:

In Reply to: Are you for real ? Is there a GOD ? posted by Noggod on March 06, 2001 at 00:21:47:

Just for the moment, taking the other side :P

: If there were a god :
: 1.Then why is the universe really big ?

God is omnipotent, he can create anything, why can't the universe be infinite in size?

: 2.How could we possibly be safe from harm and out of Eden at the same time ?

We transgressed God's law by eating of the forbidden fruit, and thus lost the opportunity to enjoy paradise and escape harm.

: 3.Why do ministers have to be liscensed state physcologists ?
Because, in any occupation dealing with other humans, and especially in confessions, where dark secrets can come out, ministers need to counsel and aid members of their congregation. Psychology aids the understanding of the motivations of humans.

: 4.Why do preachers need money from congregations ?

To help the poor, to upkeep their church, to pay their salaries, to convert more people.

: 5.Why do "people" tell us that a "god" will answer us?

Because if you really truly absolutely positively believe, then maybe you will be answered. They are perhaps also referring to the period after death where you can have a chat to the big fella.

: 6.How come only dyin old men and poor women believe ?

Many people believe in God, not only old men and women. In fact, you'll find the majority of the population in America and other major countries have a large number of believers. Including Chrisitians, other denominations and religions.

: 7.Why doesn't god tell us about the Bible instead himself ?

Because this would contravene his doctrine on letting humans decide themselves whether or not to follow his guidelines. If you saw him/her, surely you would believe, and be showing no faith whatsoever.

: 8.Why don't Judges have to swear in every day, even the President doesn't remember everything they tell.

I have no idea what you're talking about here. :)

: 9. And finally, why do we have to go to the bathroom if we were created "in his image" ?

Next time, you're outside and its raining, perhaps you can ponder the human watering system.

: The bible was written by scholars in a time when just explaining how to read to average citizens was a gigantic chore. Basic human morals were fair beyond most peoples ability to understand. Thus people were encouraged to "turn theirselves in" every Sunday just in case punishment were needed.
: Grow up.

The bible was not written in such a time. Although, a vast majority of the populace could not read, many of these bible stories were passed on by word of mouth. Eventually, these stories were all compiled, and finally written down and translated into many languages.

Human morality has always been determined by society's standards in every time period. In fact, you'll probably find that back in history, people were generally more moralistic than right now. Of course back then, transgressions could involve rather nasty tortures, so no wonder :)

Christianity and most religions have evolved over the centuries into complex theological doctrines. These questions you ask, have been asked many times in the past, and undoubtedly many more times in the future, but they don't puncture belief.

Grow up? My friend, I'm afraid you don't understand the human desire to seek guidance and a higher purpose. Its deeply ingrained in our natures, and to ask someone to give up their religion is akin to them losing a limb. Antagonism will not cause people to change their minds.

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