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Re: Ezekiel Summarises All!

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Posted by Ezekiel 25:17 on May 04, 2002 at 22:58:35:

In Reply to: Re: Ezekiel Summarises All! posted by Susan on May 03, 2002 at 09:51:41:

: Oh this is getting good. Of course no one is coming any closer to an understanding about whether or not one should believe in God but then I don't think that was the intention of this discussion in the first place. BTW Ezek, I was pretty much kidding when I said I thought you and James were the same person -- James is vatly more articulate than you -- :-) You could not be one in the same...

Heheh, I'm glad my ramblings in one form or the other does differentiate me :)

Whether or not one should believe in God?
Well, I'm an agnostic, which means I neither believe or disbelieve in God. I personally believe in the concept of free-will. This means each person can choose to believe or not to believe on the evidence presented before them.

I'm not here to tell you whether you should believe or not, but to give you reasons by which it would be illogical or unreasonable to believe in God (E.g. Fear of death). I am also here to tell you the main reasons that others believe in God, whether rightly or wrongly and whether this should influence you in any way. (E.g. Societal grouping). See below for references.

: But really what are the differences. As I've seen it, and I came late late late to this talk and haven't had the time time time to read everything and that previous section with no dates is impossible to follow it still seems as if James actually cares about something. Your points, thought out in whatever way they are, seem hollow jabs at something like a pinata -- like you are blind folded and jabbing and jabbing and jabbing and trying to put some kind of stroke together that will make all the candy come out -- not toys like santa -- but something -- what??? What could you possibly arguing for .. where do your arguments take people...

I haven't actually had the time to pen a decent post for a while. There was going to be a new revamped, organised forum at one stage, but due to unfortunate circumstances, that no longer appears to be coming :(
I'm more of a counter-puncher, I analyse arguments and demystify them.

However, let me refer you to what I do believe in. (See "Belief (02/19/02")
My arguments hopefully lead others to inquire into their motivations behind their belief and what in this day and age is really worth believing in. (See "To believe or not to believe (interesting) (12/12/01)" or "Death and Religion (very long) (08/30/01)").

Those were my arguments, and if you choose to read them and find them at all interesting, you can look for more which I have penned previously. If you don't find them interesting, you can feel free to criticise :)

: James is not quite a frothing at the mouth Christy -- but I think he believes in hell and I will persist in not believing in that becuase if you throw hell into this whole debate it just falls all to pieces -- why give people, humans, with obviously limited intellects, the short span of usually less than eighty years to make a decission that basically sets their position up for an enternity -- I was in college for several years before I settled on a major... no 80 years compared to enternity is just unreasonable.

This is a point which I love stressing. The church emphasises God's non-interference in human existence with the concept of free-will. They then come up the concept that you believe in God and go to heaven, or disbelieve and go to hell. Since the afterlife is supposedly eternal, compared to humanity's short lifespan, is that really a free choice?
Even if it is a free choice, with so much confusion, misinterpretation and varying religions out there, why does God if he/she exists want us to make such an obviously uninformed choice?

: In the words of my reggae brothers, Ja, where's da love?????????????????

Yo girlfriend, say sup to those dawgs for meh.
Santa Claus and God, Reggae and Religion, what comes next? :)

Ezekiel 25:17

: -- Susan

: PS -- Zeke, agree with you complete on James Karanikolaou!!!!!!!!!!!!

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