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Re: whether i believe or don,t. its a win win deal

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Posted by DAVID LEE ASKARI on May 07, 2002 at 00:14:50:

In Reply to: Re: whether i believe or don,t. its a win win deal posted by Susan on May 06, 2002 at 23:14:15:

: That's the confusion at the heart of this whole discussion and it is stated so naturally and in such a lovely way. that's the gentleness of a true believer -- he doesn't care what I believe or anyone else. I like that -- age will bring me around. Why do people seem to worry so much about what other people believe. I come here trying to figure out what I should believe and I've really just been helped in a big way.

: Thanks David -- I hope to see more of you here.

: : whether i believe or not, when cornered and my only way they will let me go is to describe God, I would say he or she would be all supporting of his creations ( behavior to ). That is not a green card for people accepting all my behavior though. And you can prove Gods existance without any material proof of god. Just get someone to reveal the devil, then you know for sure that there is a god. That why devil worshipers don,t bug me, cause they can increase the probablity of gods existance. and if i dont believe, God does not mind, if he or she is there, age will bring me around, or death. I did get to heaven once cause i was good, but turned back cause i forgot to bring someone along. hell is were you can go alone. (not literally ). somebody upthere is watching me when a car missed me, no guaratee who, the devil wants his dues so if you owe, he might keep you alive till you pay. since i do bad things sometimes, i dont now who saved me. but i can cut my losses anytime

My upbringing or backround as a child was half the year i was subjected ( as a kid anything besides playing was the time inbetween playing) to islam and the other half to christianity (pres). That was cause in the us, most were christian and middleast was islam. as a kid i new no middle ground, just changed gears, includes language and behavior to. it does not matter what i believe if i have bad behavior and try to use the iscuse the devil made me do it, or god will take care of it, was not onpurpose. But behavior observation is not for the lazy, i know.

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