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Re: Are you for real ? Is there a GOD ?

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Posted by wildkatwoman on March 16, 2001 at 12:24:10:

In Reply to: Are you for real ? Is there a GOD ? posted by Noggod on March 06, 2001 at 00:21:47:

You ask "Are you for real? Is there a GOD?" This is a basic fundamental question that many need answering. Many ponder this question simply because our earth, our universe for that matter, begs that question. However, if there were a God, it would require that He be awesome in power and an Intelligent Designer. If a person had the power and intelligence to design the earth and all that is in it, then why is our Earth in such a miserable state? Certainly, if I had the power to change things, I would, so why doesn't God, if there is one? There is an answer to this question, but that is why many don't believe in God, that's why I can appreciate your question. Here is the answer that I present to you on why I believe that it is more reasonable to believe in God than not.

One can look at a house in a desert: a house completely equipped to sustain someone or even a family --- complete with food, a lighting source, shade, warming devices, things for comfort and things for necessity, a house with a garden of fruits and vegetables and lawn. If we drove up to this desert we would never think that it came about by chance or that it evovled from Legos tossed out of a car window. In fact, if we said that, our friends would drop us off at the looney bin. We would recognize that this house was designed by an architect, built by a builder and cared for by someone.

Our earth is very much like that house in a desert. Here in our solar system, it seems to be a desert out there, no other life like ours, no life-sustaining planets. Yet, here, on our earth, are the needed elements for life. We have all that we need right here. Everything we use has come from this earth. We don't run out of water or sun, just think about the water cycles. We have night time to rejuvenate us, we have crops, we have companions, we have animals for food and building supplies. Yes, man has interrupted things with his deforestation, wars and overuse of some lands, but we do know that if man were to care for the earth without greed/hate in mind the whole earth has the possibility to be a beautiful garden.

Was man made in God's Image? Yes, although he is a Spirit, God has the qualities of justice, wisdom, love and power. The Universe is subject to God. Man has the same 4 qualities (although he fails to use them in the correct balance) and man has been given the earth by God.....the earth and all that is in it was given to Adam and he was told to care for it. The earth was to be under the subjection of man.

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