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Screachy Toned Demons

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Posted by A believer on March 27, 2001 at 19:13:50:

Crazy but true!I am ASOLUTLEY certain that there is a God, because I have delt with and experienced evil. I'm not going into great detail or anything, but I grew up in a christian enviorment, church on Sundays, graduated from a private christian school. I was totally rebellious all my life though, and at one point in time was seriously engulfing myself in witchcraft, mind power, tarot cards, you name it. I thought I had control of it until the devil and his spirits decided that they wanted to control me, and did not want to return my soul, peace of mind, my life became a living nightmare. I could not sleep, I thought I was having encounters with demon spirits while sleeping. I even heard voices during the day, and when I decided that I could not take it anymore, I turned to God. I had to have a preacher and people from my moms church pray over me and cast them out. It was a struggle because my faith was so low, I didn't think I could ever have control over my mind ever again. I had to say the prayer of warfare hourly, blast christian music throughout the house, hang crosses everywhere, carry around little prayer cards. Even when I first reached out for help I called my mother and told her I needed help, I heard a bunch of henious voices come right over the phone during our conversation, laughing at me in a screachy tone. There is plenty more I have experienced, but I will cut this short.. All I have to say is God has restored my life, and thanks to his great mercy has forgiven me for turning the other way and given me back my life. I can't stress it enough how ignorant it is to try and deal with the other side. There is no deal. When the devil wants you, he doesn't give up easy. I hope noone is ever as foolish enough to ever put themselves in that type of situation. Never bargain with the devil~! It's not a joke!
--- A believer

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