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Posted by Ezekiel 25:17 on March 31, 2001 at 08:58:52:

Hey there Aslan,

Sorry, its been so long since by last response, but I've been really busy.

: : What is a God-inspired miracle then in your opinion?

: I guess what I'm saying is that at different times in our life we are open and vulnerable. If something touches us, that we feel is truly holy, it's hard to put that into words.

Heh, perhaps it is something divinely inspired to keep you writing when you should be in bed :)
I must confess, I'm still a little unclear after your explanation. Perhaps you could give an example. Also, whether your miracle requires or does not require human interaction. What causes a feeling of 'holiness'?

: http://www.discovery.org/lewis/letters.html

I have been perusing said letters.:)
For those of us who have joined us late, these letters discuss Xianism, which from what I can determine is an abbrievation for Christianity.

The first letter, I don't consider particularly relevant, as it deals with the mental state of belief, as well as the history of religions.

The second letter is far more interesting and brings together many Christian precepts.

"I do not think there is a demonstrative proof (like Euclid) of Christianity, nor of the existence of matter, nor of the good will & honesty of my best & oldest friends. I think all three (except perhaps the second) far more probable than the alternatives." C.S. Lewis

There is no demonstrative proof of Chrisitianity, there is no demonstrative proof there is life after death, there is no demonstrative proof of many things. So why is it more probable than not?

"As to why God doesn't make it demonstrably clear; are we sure that He is even interested in the kind of Theism which wd. be a compelled logical assent to a conclusive argument? I demand from my friend a trust in my good faith which is certain without demonstrative proof. " C.S. Lewis

God is perfect, the supreme being. Thus, this argument leads to the assumption he would prefer blind faith. Surely, God as a perfect being would prefer us to believe in him by his actions and by reason, as opposed to this chaotic system we have at present. Again, his example when he discusses his faith in his friend is a poor one in my opinion. God as his 'friend' asks far more than his closest friend. For example, I'd like to see him trust his friend so much, that he'd devote time and effort towards praising his name every week. Not to mention countless donations. Perhaps the question should be? Should we as humans be interested in the worship of a deity who demands blind obesience and praise yet will not even perform the simple acts of friendship we would expect from our true friends?

"How cd. an idiotic universe have produced creatures whose mere dreams are so much stronger, better, subtler than itself?" - C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis concludes by stating, that even if we are wrong, at least our dreams and beliefs are more interesting than real life. As I'll repeat often, religion is like a hallucinogenic drug and ultimately as deadly.

"Note that life after death which still seems to you the essential thing, was itself a late revelation. " - C.S. Lewis

Again, this I find extremely humourous.
Life after death was a late revelation, no kidding :) It was introduced to bring in more believers who came to fear death. Over the centuries, each religion has marketed itself in various ways, and who can beat the granting of life after death?

After reading those 3 letters, I must admit that I would have loved an opportunity to write to Vanauken myself. Altho I was not privy to the letters he wrote to C.S. Lewis, I find some of the justifications used extremely flimsy indeed.

I sincerely hope you have more essays where he puts together a more stringent case :)

In the meanwhile, I leave you 2 questions.
Do you believe in 'freewill'?
Do you believe in 'fate'?


: Aslan
: 'Where's my Nyquil?'
What's Nyquil?

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