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Re: symbolism, open heart, free will.

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Posted by Ezekiel 25:17 on April 05, 2001 at 01:19:34:

In Reply to: symbolism, open heart, free will. posted by Mike on April 03, 2001 at 17:33:35:

: I feel the biggest problem w/ religion is the lack of a proper understanding. Religion is like anything else in life, you're probobly not going to get it right the first time but keep trying ( there's forgiveness). If your heart is open and willing you will succeed( hence; seek and you will find). Everyone here, whether beliver or not,is trying to understand and I feel thats very good.

The real problem with religion, is that it is so inherently dogmatic it defies understanding. The bible has numerous interpretations and each faith has split up numerous times because there is no half-decent system. Its not a crime to try, its not a crime either to know when to quit and move on.

: THE POINT: with religion many things are uncertian and things change, EX:scientific breakthoughs disprove something, But the important thing is that what was behind it, The message of love, compassion, worldly brotherhood, still remains.
: If you truly believed in the overall message of easter(religion) than noing there is no easter bunny didn't discourage you but opened your eyes to what was really behind it.

My point precisely. We know there is no easter bunny, we know there is no santa claus. Open your eyes and see that there is likely no God either. Which doesn't mean that there still can't be love, celebration and joy for Easter and Christmas. In fact, do we really need special occasions to show our fellowship to humans? I guess the real answer is, it is tough for humans to be nice 100% of the time, and it is far easier to make special efforts for special occassions. Your entire point hinges on the fact these celebrations are filled with love. Love can and will exist without the existence of God.

: OPEN HEART: I disagree 100% with the notion that religion is for the week. I feel people get this misconception is there because most people turn to religion when they are weak. I feel this is because at times of personal suffering people tend to put thing in perspective and realize what is most important (their loved ones ex...) My own personal experience contradicts that of weakness. It would be easiest for me to throw away my morals and live like everyone else, but it is hard and takes courage to take a stand for what you believe in, knowing that it will be tougher on me.
: " dare to be differn't, Dare to walk against the wind."
: Robin williams, dead poet society -inspiring

You are not taking a stance that makes you strong. Your belief comes about because of a firm conviction that you are right. You do not question, you do not seek understanding, you have reached your pinnacle, and blind yourself to any other ideas with the notion you are strong and different for your beliefs.

: FREE WILL: When debating religion you have to take into account free will, The door is there for you but YOU have to walk through it.

Free will is the key that dismantles all religion. It is far too complex an issue to dismiss in a mere 2 lines. One which comprises another meaningless religious quotation. I won't bother to state my arguments here.

I cant give a good explantion or answer but i'll Say this......
: WHAT GOOD IS A HEAVEN IF NOBODY SHOWED UP" - hence, its up to you free will.

Yay, what religious zealot has ever existed without trying to punctuate their points with CAPITAL LETTERS.
However, on this occasion, you are absolutely right.
You can't give a good explanation or answer.

There are so many things wrong with the perception of heaven as perfect. Who amongst you, even the most religious can claim perfection? We are all but human with the same faults. Once you supposedly enter heaven, you will suddenly become perfect I guess. No more desires, no more silly needs, just contentment.

How utterly boring is that? An eternity of chatting to your friends about nothing. There is no gossip to spice it up. Seeing loved ones again? Who wants an eternity of family reunions?

Religion is based on the fact that after death, you go to Heaven. Why would we want to go there we ask? "Oh, everything is perfect and lovely" is the answer. Well, you can believe this and stop questioning if you so desire. Or you can possibly ask yourself, "How is heaven perfect?", "How will it run?". A perfect world for you is not necessarily a perfect world for anybody else.

If you think you are strong for believing in something against all common sense and logic, so be it. Personally, I think that is a cop-out for not having the will to continue questioning the unbelievable.

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