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Posted by mike on April 05, 2001 at 17:01:01:

if my zealous nature offend anyone, i assure u it wasn't intentional. this is a subject is one that i have strong feelings about.

i've quickly come to understand that with dealing with a subject of this stature that everyone holds strong opinions and conflict and misunderstanding is inevidable.

In response to the comment that i've reached my pinnacle.... I either mis-reprentened my view or was mis-interpreted. ( its subjective and unimportant).
i have by no means closed the door to my future understanding, i thought this was clear in my saying that you wont get everthing right the first time, foregivness & seek and find. i thank you for the comment because it reassures me that i wont close the door because i do believe it is a lifelong process.
" we cannot grow on bread alone, we need to attend to the bodily needs, but also nourish each other's souls"

I also agree 100% that nobodys perfect. The bible says we should like the father, strive to be perfect. (somwhere in mathew)i feel this is referring to the continous learning of god and in his ways and striving to emulate them.

As far as heaven being a family reunion with only jello for the toothless weak, i have no comment. My opinion is that for those who believe heaven is everthing thats good, a symbolic means to keep hope and give something to believe in. For the non believer it is yet annother unprovable promise that man hasn't found to exist.

As far as believing being a means for avoiding the possible exploration in god not existing is absurd. Its almost as if its implying that in order to avoid one end of any spectrum we run to the other, probably out of fear. These fealing are probably so due to a conflict in beliefs. People tend to discredit opposing views in order to validate their own.
I also believe that everything has it opposite, and when trying to hard to obtian on you'll get the opposite. this sometimes pertain to a message.

I have the a lot more to say but without the use cap locks my attention keeps drifting.

If we are truly sincere about hearing eachothers opions we should try to understand and be open to outside opinions instead of trying to prove our own intelligance by outwitting eachother.

I thank everyone for their feedback, especially the negative ones: opposing opinions often challenge people to think outside their beliefs.

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