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Re: Hola!

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Posted by James 5:16 on April 07, 2001 at 20:58:40:

In Reply to: Re: Hola! posted by Ezekiel 25:17 on April 03, 2001 at 06:22:13:

Hi Ezekial, I'm new to this chat room and you seem to be a very articulate fellow. I was hoping we might have a good discussion regarding the issues presented here.

First, how do you prove that something doesn't exist? Or exist for that matter. I know that we could get into several deep philosophical discussions regarding how existence can be proven, but ultimately, it can be said that individual existence of something can only be proven by experience. Can I say to you, I, in Texas, have spilled hot chocolate over my lap and burned myself? Certainly. Do you believe? (Not using caps by request...) Perhaps you do, perhaps you don't. Do you trust my word that this event has happened or have you debunked my statement by calling me a liar?

Ah, so difficult. On a personal note, it was like that with me and Christianity. When I first investigated becoming a Christian, I was extremely skeptical (and to a certain extent I think all responsible Christians should be skeptical to a point). (We do not always know who is speaking and why they are speaking.) I wrestle with faith each day.

However, faith, belief, or however you wish to phrase it, is something that we are granted by God. Honestly, you have read (or heard) much of the Bible. That much, based on what I have read in your postings, is true. How can you believe the things that happened in that book? It defies understanding.

In reality, that's the point. Understanding of God's Word is a gift from God via the Holy Spirit. Many people spend lifetimes simply arguing that one statement! In the Bible, God says that there will be many who understand, and many that do not.

Sometimes there are people who claim to have seen God face to face, or have heard His Perfect Word. I cannot claim to be one of those people. However, I do have a desperate, passionate, individual belief that Jesus Christ, the Son of the Everlasting God, came down to Earth and assumed a perfect human form to die on the Cross as a tempted innocent criminal to atone for the sins and crimes of all those who believe in Him so that in His own resurection, we too as criminals from birth may be saved and share Eternity in a sinless Heaven with Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Father Himself.

That about sums up that basics of all Christianity.

However, can I prove or disprove any of this with factual evidence? No. I take the Bible and read it with skepticism. I spend years praying for understanding. I'm closer to the Truth than I was, but even Christ admitted ( and so did the Apostle Paul in Romans) that we, in this life will never reach that goal.

So, that is what we are left with: Faith. Proof is something I, James 5:16, cannot give to you. That peace of understanding and proof comes from faith and the Lord sharing His Holy Spirit with you.

Getting back to it:Did I burn my lap with the hot chocolate, and if I did, are you accepting that I did this by faith in MY word alone?

We should all face the Bible with the same questions. In time, understanding will come to some and not to others. That is the way of things. It's a hard and harsh reality we live in. For Christians and non-Christians alike. Started with sin, and will end because of it.

Just remember that for a Christian, faith is the key. It's the bond and relationship we have with God. Most days, we can hold on to faith alone. For us, because of that faith, the world may abandon us, but Jesus (God) will not.

I hope I cleared some of this up. If you have any questions, I'm always around.

James 5:16

P.S. I'll hit your other points in the next post. J5:16

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