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Oops. Sorry about the capitals.

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Posted by James 5:16 on April 09, 2001 at 14:14:12:

A couple of things before I begin.

1)I don't mind sarcasm and cynicism. Many times that's when we are able to best analyze our own beliefs. It's certainly the way that I did.

2)Sorry about the Caps. In another posting, I did promise to do it as little as possible. Oops.

Now onto the the issues at hand:

: There is a burden to being God? That's news to me :) If I was all powerful and had absolutely no responsibilities, I don't think I'd be very burdened! If God feels like he has too much to handle, I'd gladly take up his spot just for a few hours to let him take a breather. In fact, I'd probably spend most of my spare time watching the interesting yet futile antics of all these little people down below. Throw in a few visions here and there, really mess with their minds :) Then again, I'm not God which a lot of you can be thankful for, coz frankly I'd get really sick of all this worship and obesience.

Oh, yes. There is most certainly a burden to being God. The burden He placed upon Himself. (By the way, the sex being referenced is the one used in the Christian Bible.) God also does not feel like any burden is beyond Him b/c he is omnipotent. But He made responsibilities for Himself. What any one of us would do in His situation is something that we really can't contempplate easily since we can never be in that position.

Well, I guess that's one way the Holy Spirit is akin to the postal service, more often than not the message is never received. And even when it is received, it is hopelessly garbled and no one can understand what it means :)

You're right. You are a cynic. I like that. How do we know that God did not receive the messages via the Holy Spirit, but for His reasons (always to our benefit even if we don't understand it) He doesn't respond? Also, we don't always have to understand what it means, however, we must always try. I don't always understand all of the things I think come from God. I don't have that kind of wisdom, but I pray for it.

: I thought God was already with us forevermore, God's not going anywhere fast.
: God can speak to us? A few speeches now and then to boost morale would be great. Could he clear Friday on his schedule, I think I might be free then.

It's a hair arrogant to a) be so demanding of an infinately powerful being and b) mock the intelligence of such a being. However, because you don't believe in Him, all you can do is mock Him. A mistake made in the Bible many times, and I ask that you not mock Him. A PET PEEVE OF MINE, if you get my drift.

: He can relate to us? How can he possibly relate to us? He will never die, he was never born, he has no peers and he has unlimited power with no responsibility apparently. How does that give him any basis to relate to us? He can relate to us as well as we can relate to the cockroach.

Actually, you are wrong on all counts. He did die, on the Cross. He was born, in a stable. He had peers. He was human save that He was sinless and had the ability to perform miracles. He also had a responsibility, to save us all from eternal damnation. However, since that was a gift, I guess you have me on that. God does make commitments however. Do we deserve any of these relations/ No. It was a gift, but because He was human and God, Jesus can relate to us. He was tempted in all possible ways for forty days. He did not succumb.

: Again I'm purposely overlooking the omniscience thing.
: God can partner us? What you mean like a friendly game of tennis?

What I meant was, is that God is partnered with us. Via the Holy Spirit.

: God can love us? Awww how sweet, well I guess he did create us. But hang on, doesn't that mean he should love all of us, and not just the few who spend every Sunday bowing and scraping to him?

God is not required to do anything. In fact, there are places in the Bible where God states that He despises certain individuals or races of people. We may not understand it, but that is what is documented.

: God left a part of himself? Perhaps I should re-read the bible, I don't recall seeing any godly body parts strewn around Jerusalem. God is infinite, so if he splits a part of himself off, he still remains infinite, lets see him do it again as it can't possibly lessen him :)

The Holy Spirit was left with us. It is an infinate part of the threesome that makes up God.

: Oh I see, so were born a broken, stained and hollow people? Well I wonder who's fault that is? Oh, so we're not good enough for him? What exactly are the attributes of people that God would _care_ to spend time in eternity with?

a) Adam's original sin.

b) Man's. We are made in His image, but we are not perfect. As a picture from a camera may look like us, but is not us.

c) Because we are no longer perfect, we no longer qualify to live directly with Him. So...

d) We must be perfect. Non-sinners for a start. In the End, God will make perfect those who have faith in Him. The attributes of the people He desires are listed in the Bible in a large number of places.

: Let me state, I don't dislike capitals. I think they serve a useful purpose in highlighting important points. I just find it amusing and ironic that the less coherent an argument and the more fanatical, the greater number of Capitalised words you happen to see. It's true!:)

Sorry about all of the capitals once again.

: Perfection is a good goal, that's undeniable. However, it is impossible to achieve perfection without intolerance occuring. What use is it to be perfect, if there are other people living their lives happily without seeking your brand of perfection? The Christian brand of perfection is also conceptualised around converting others, and it is impossible to achieve near perfection unless you persuade others to follow you. Great marketing gimmick no?

If people do not see their own imperfection, then their sin is vanity. Does that mean we should hate or pity those that do not believe that same way that we, as Christians, do? No. May it never be! We are taught to love those that would even hate and hurt us. (At least I was.) Some faiths do revolve around conversion and that is called the Great Commision, but conversion is not where the story ends. Each Christian should work toward perfection but also realize that we alone will not achieve it. We need Christ to finish the job. By the way, the conversion of another is not a requirement to be saved. I don't know who sold you that bill of goods but they were very, very wrong.

: We MUST be aware God exists? Well since you wrote MUST in capitals, surely he MUST exist. We are not him, we can never be him? Damnit, I'll have to cancel my plans for smiting people for saturday afternoon.

As I stated, faith is the issue. Without it, all of the capitals in the world would make God exist for anyone. By the way, how do I get into this smiting bit? Sounds like fun! Personally I never smote anyone and I was curious what it would be like. :-)

There ends my respondse. Bye.

James 5:16

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