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Re: Please! (long)(part 1)

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Posted by hammarskjold on April 14, 2001 at 14:07:30:

In Reply to: Re: Please! (long)(part 1) posted by Anon on April 13, 2001 at 21:49:12:

I agree with you on the balance. Aslan is crucial at this point, simply because that little lion won't let go! I, too, read A Grief Observed after a loss and although it didn't comfort me, it did confirm my feelings. I read somewhere that CSL wrote it as a catharsis on the loss of his wife. Screwtape Letters is funny, but my all time favorite is The Great Divorce. It's short and easy to read.
: Hey Aslan,

: No, please don't bow out -- you have been the consistent counter balance to the mad ravings of Ezek since this whole thing started crawling down the two columns of the old discussion board. Don't bow out. I loved your mention of CS Lewis. I have heard that I should read the Screwtape Letters or some such thing but I haven't had the time. When my sister died I read A Grief Observed and it was like pulling at an oozing scab. It hurt so much. I don't think people can understand a book like that until they have gone through something like that. I couldn't actually go back and finish the book for 10 years and even then it was dead on the money.

: : Hey Ezek.
: : It seems you have found someone a lot more articulate than I. I'll bow out of the argument, until I can figure out how to include your posts and my responses in one letter:)

: : I still enjoy debating with you Ezek. It just seems that James is more intelligent of the ways of the Bible. I only can post from life experience, and what I remember from bible study.

: : Do you still want CS Lewis links though?

: : Aslan

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