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OMG My Pants Just Ripped

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Posted by Natalie on February 21, 2001 at 14:54:23:

In Reply to: A Nice Little Trip Up the Stairs. posted by Genina on February 21, 2001 at 14:51:13:

This was EMBARRASSING for ME!!! Well I was at school one day and we had not had cheer leading practice all week cuz the game (football) was canceled, but at the last minute they called the game back on. So the captain called a practice after school just to make sure we remembered our cheers from the week b4, you know how cheerleaders can get lol j/k. I didn't have anything to wear but my jean's that fit tight. So here we are into our first cheer and the Football players are coming onto the field to practice a bit b4 the game. It was time for me to do my roundoff and go into a split, I did just that and so did my pants lmao. OMG I was in shock all the guys were staring to see my red panties and all my so called friends were laughing at me. I became popular with the guys after that but really all I wanted to do was run and hide!!!!! LMAO

: This isn't exactly about lying but it's soemthing I wish never had happened. When I was a senior in high school (I'm 21 now), I had a few embarrasing moments. Don't we all. Well one day a friend and I had went walking around to get away from this girl who thought she was so beautiful and kept on picking up on my then boyfriend. Well we had left them (my then boyfriend and the girl and some other friends) and went to go talk to another friend about her. We went to go back to them, and as we were walking up the THREE stairs, I tripped and fell walking up. OH GOD. Everybody started laughing at me and my friend said, "Are you ok"? UH DUH. Do I look ok? I was so embarrassed and turned three shades of red while some irritating guys I knew who bugged me laughed.

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