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Re: "It's not nice to confuse muggles..."

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Posted by Robert on March 16, 2001 at 07:04:24:

In Reply to: "It's not nice to confuse muggles..." posted by Robert R. Cobb on March 16, 2001 at 06:54:03:


: ? ? ? ? ?
: (Timed to coincide with the release of the Harry Potter
: movie, ostensibly adapted from the pen of J.K.Rowling.)

: This from this March 15, "Daily Herald" for Rolling Meadows,
: Illinois. (accompanied with a cover illustration, which I won't attach,
: of a bespectacled cartoon character, "Larry Potter," who
: very closely resembles the much more familiar, "Harry Potter" of
: J.K. Rowling's fame.)

: NEW YORK--Harry Potter fans look out: Some new Muggles are coming to
: town. Or are they old ones? "The Legend of Rah and the Muggles," whose
: author is suing J.K.Rowling for stealing her ideas, will be reissued by
: Thurman House in May, the publisher said Wednesday. The book was first
: published in 1984, long before the Potter series began. Author Nancy
: Stouffer said she had a hard time finding a new publisher because some
: feared her book would be seen as rip offs. "Some believe I am the one
: that
: followed J.K.Rowling," she said. In "Rah and the Muggles," which includes
: a character named Larry Potter, muggles are little people who care for
: two orphaned boys who magically turn their dark homeland into a happy
: place. In Rowling's books, "muggles" is the word wizards use for humans.

: Question: Will Nancy Stouffer win her law suit?

: It will be an interesting case. I wonder what defense attorneys for
: J.K.Rowling's side can possibly do to refute Nancy Stouffer's
: claims of theft.

: Robert R. Cobb

(Incidently, N.K.Stouffer created and drew her own illustrations for her books,
including the character, "Larry Potter.")


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