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Re: Check this out...

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Posted by Robert R. Cobb on April 06, 2001 at 05:47:30:

In Reply to: Re: Check this out... posted by Reynaldo on April 05, 2001 at 22:19:36:

: Yes but I want to wup his ass. He completely denies it and I know theres no one else that it could be. What should I do. I want to slash his tires!

: : : So some geek at work met a seventeen year old over the internet, probably one one of those singles websites, and he gave her my phone number but his real name. So she calls my number and asks for HIM. By name -- full name.

: : : When I mention it to him the next day at work he completely denies it. But he's chuckling.

: : Reynaldo,

: : There might be a temptation for you to reciprocate by giving this girl your friend's phone number. Be extremely careful about any Internet relationship with this girl, (or any other person), you might find yourself in a vulnerable position. Your co-worker sounds like a real prankster!

: : Robert


As tough as it may be for you right now, I advise you NOT to whup ass, nor slash tires! If you want to teach this "geek" a lesson, their are subtle things that you can do that won't be physically injurious nor materially destructive.
You might call, or have a friend call, posing as an IRS auditor to "speak to the geek" about "discrepancies in his tax returns over the past four years which need to be resolved." Then,
make up an excuse to keep the geek on "hold, while pulling his file." Leave him hanging on the line. This could be especially effective in the middle of the geek's lunch hour at work. You can avoid all suspicion if the call is made by a friend, while you are busy eating your own lunch.
(Just an idea, there could be many variations.)


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