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Re: Pancake Heaven and Other Misconceptions

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Posted by UGANDAN on June 01, 2001 at 14:19:26:

In Reply to: Pancake Heaven and Other Misconceptions posted by Robert on May 27, 2001 at 05:16:59:

There you go again. "Son of God".
That's a purely Christian concept, and even at that, there are not very many "Christians" who believe that JC was the actual genetic spawn of God.
Jesus's own contention was that all humans come from God, and it wasn't until many years later that the Church fathers ran with the (Roman) concept of gods fathering mortal children. (See Zeus & Heracles). Further, as to JC's divinity, Romans deified "great people" every other week (see: Augustus).
Yes, yes... It's all there in scripture. Just get "out of the box" for a minute.
You are helping to perpetuate 1590 years of gentile misconception.
This is why the Jews can't agree with the Christians. You just shouldn't worship anyone other than YHWH. ("Unknowable Otherness")
Jesus was a Jew for Jews, and "Messiah" has a whole other meaning than what's rattling around in your noggin.
But going back to the original thread, my contention was simply that there are many faiths, and some see humans as cosmically perfect.
That point is not up for debate.
You can argue within the confines of your own European mindset, but you aren't going to tell me that the other (non-Christian) believers on this planet are any less "righteous" than yourself.

: :
: : How very Christian of you, Robert. How presumptuous, also, considering that Christians make up only a fraction of the world's population.
: : You believe that people are inherently flawed, while I believe the opposite-- that we are perfect beings of light.
: : Your flawed human is a brother, while my flawed human is genetic debris.
: : Being Christian, mind you, you'll probably be inclined to argue the point.

: : Or it could be that I'm just feeling especially contrary tonight...

: : : : When you tell a thoroughly useless individual, such as a crack whore or a North Dakotan, that life is worth living, you are "saving a life with a lie".
: : : : God bless you.
: : : : God bless all of you.

: : : : ** The best pancakes in the whole galaxy are in Heaven.

: : : :
: : : : : I recently told my friend that 'lies save lives'. She asked me to prove it. I'm kind of struglling to prove it, and can only come up with a few crappy points about children getting vaccinated, criminals pleading their innocence, and a load of other dodgy stuff. HELP ME PROVE IT PLEEEEAAAAAAAASE!!!
: : : : :

: : : Daev & UGANDAN,

: : : Lies, if well-told, believeable, unquestioned, have a way of installing themselves so well that the truth may never be known. In point of fact, the "lies" then take on a repectable aura, concealing the truth forever, justifying the liar even to the extent that he/she can no longer recognize the truth of the original lie. If lies are saved as a result of a well-told timely lie, what harm has been done? What values are displaced by believing that ALL lives are worth saving? Judge not that ye be judged yourself. He who is without sin, cast the first stone. We all fall short in the eyes of God.

: : : Robert


: I don't know what "Tiny Tim" Heaven you have been eating your pancakes in, nor what perfect beings you associate yourself with when/where ever you choose to congregate. It cannot be a very large congregation, being so "genetically unflawed" and all. I will give you credit for lies well-told, but they are still lies told by a "flawed human being," unless you consider yourself to be from somewhere else in the galaxy. The only perfect Man in this world was the Son of God. He came to save the world.

: Robert

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