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Posted by Robert on June 24, 2001 at 14:26:18:

In Reply to: ROOMATES!!! posted by Val on June 23, 2001 at 07:46:00:

: I'm a 22 yr old freshman and have recently started
: work as a web designer. I declare myself as an
: enforcer of truth and reality and in the past have
: shaken people・s lives by giving them wakeup calls. My
: perception of people has almost never failed me, call
: it good but more like a gift that seems to work
: against me.

: Here it goes:
: I live in a house sharing with six other people, the
: landlady shares her room with another girl who has
: been causing a lot of stir in the house. I am fairly
: new there but as I have learned more about this
: .trouble female・ I am increasingly getting sick of
: her behavior. I basically gave her the shaft from day
: one (not the sex shaft) but kept out of her way
: because just about everyday after work when I get home
: she starts flirting with me and it bugs the hell out
: of me.

: In the near future I intend to take action by
: discussing my feelings about her behavior towards me,
: this will be one to one and it shouldn・t be a
: problem.

: She・s a prime evil: the other housemates beside one
: guy don・t like her. I・ve heard her make conniving
: comments at others (especially the females and the
: couple) and basically my impression of her is: she・s
: jealous, vindictive and pretentious.

: That isn・t a problem for me, but yesterday we were
: going out to have a meeting over a coffee (everybody
: minus her) because the landlady was going to tell us
: about a recent argument she had with .prime evil・,
: (forgive the unmerciful reference) . Anyway in the
: name of the lesser power did she ask what we were
: doing and .invited・ herself to join us. One of the
: girls said: .of course・. "big load of BS

: So I sat there down and depressed the whole time and
: they wondered what was up with me. My dissapointment
: here is in my housemates not being open and telling
: her the truth. I have tried and will continue to
: endorse the .responsible and diplomatic・ way of
: truth but their humble and reserved cultural values
: keep them back from self-disclosure and they go on
: taking shit from herK I have a genuine concern for
: the landlady and the others and I don・t want them to
: face this agony any more.

: Besides setting an example (by me confronting her
: hideous flirtations towards me) , should I mention
: their issues or just stick to mine?

: I vow to protect the feint hearted so what would be
: the best wayK to bring out this reality and make our
: household a better place? -while causing the least
: damage? And when is the time to cause damage if
: absolutely necessary?

Dear Val,

You have an unusual assortment of puntuation marks. What is the significance of say the ""? It certainly is not found on my key board.
You claim that this girl is "not a problem for you," but, obviously, she is. If she has no redeeming social qualities that you can see,
perhaps she suffers from a lack of self-esteem. You are caught in a bind if you reciprocate by responding to her flirtations. Tell her
politely that you are sorry, but she is not your type. Perhaps, if you have another girl-friend visit you, she might take the hint and
quit bothering you. If she is obsessed about you, this, probably, won't do. Have you considered moving? Why do you title: "ROOMMATES!!!"
Do you, have you ever shared a room with her? A house is one thing, a room is another! I know that you see the difference. Good luck!!!



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