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Posted by Robert on August 03, 2001 at 05:05:18:

In Reply to: I LIED ABOUT MY AGE!!! HELP ME!!! posted by April on July 28, 2001 at 16:14:34:

: I lied about my age to my boyfriend.. we've been together for a year now.. and we both love each other .. and we are planning on getting married.. we met on the internet and I figured that we would never be together anyways so I lied to him and said I was a year older than what I really am..and I just can't take the guilt anymore .. its driving me crazy.. and I want to tell him so bad.. and I just don't know how.. can some please tell me how to tell him the truth?


Let's be a tad bit clearer here. How old are you? Has you boy friend, unknowingly, been having sex with a minor? If the answer is "Yes," you need to do some serious soul-searching. Are you even legally old enough to get married without parental consent in your State?
Speaking of parents, what is the status of yours? Have they been informed that you are planning a wedding? If so, and they are cool about your relationship with your boy friend as a prospective son-in-law, father to your children, responsible adult, bread-winner, then what is your problem?

I am guessing that you are "jail-bait," your boy friend could be charged with statutory rape, or worse! You could be pregnant! or, worse! Your boy friend might not appreciate your lies. He may want to back out of his promises when he discovers how old you really are.

All things said and done, it doesn't matter how old either of you are, relative only if you are too young to legally get married. Many women lie about their ages, usually starting this as they approach a new decade. What decade are you approaching? If the answer is 20, you may be okay. Hey, my wife and I were both 19 when we were married, 41 years ago this August 28th! Tell your boy friend, trust him to forgive whatever you confess, and, if he truly loves you, things will work out for the best.

Peace & Love,


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