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Re: Is my girl lying to me

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Posted by x on August 08, 2001 at 16:06:02:

In Reply to: Is my girl lying to me posted by Justin on March 22, 2001 at 15:24:24:

: I am in a relationship with a girl now going on 1 year. I was completely in love with this girl and after we have been going out for about 6 months she started geeting little attutides with me over stupid things and then after weve been having sex for like 5 of those months she tells me that she wants to wait until we are married to have sex anymore! So I told her fine. Of course the next week I got here in a jacuzi and she was all over me. Well before me she was with a guy for three years and I guess that she was really in love with him. Couple more weeks went by and she tells me she needs space just to get her life back on track and get a new job and a apartment for her and her 2 year old son wich is not her x boyfriend she met that guy when shee was pregnant with her son.so we broke up but she still called me several times a day ttelling me she loves me and that she wants to get married one day. And then she tells me that she is going to go out with him and have coffee to try to get some closure with him. I did not like that at all but I let her. I came over her house later that night she was wearing some sweats and looked tired but she swore nothing had happened. So I told her I belived her. That weekend she said she was going over to her girlfriends house to have a girls night out, she calls me in the morning and tells me she was at her x house and spent the night there. I kept asking her if anything happened at first she told me no then she said that they had sex.I went over there that night and she came back to my house we talked about it and she said she regreted it and is very sorry but still wanted space. That night ended up in the jacuzi and had unprotected sex and again in my room. When we were togher we always had unprotected sex and she never got pregnant. Well a month down the line turns out shes pregnant and they said it was concived on nov 7 or the 11 they put in the papper work the 11. Later I found a letter she wrote to him saying that she left the person she was with to get back with him and in the letter it said something about the other night when we had unprotected sex and she felt used and whatever BUT THE LETTER WAS DATED NOV 10. and she still swears that they only had sex that one night and she had a condom on she said he only put it in once without a condom! Then when she was at work I called her x boyfriend to find out the truth he told me that it was his friends birthday and the went to a bar and he brought her back to his house had sex took her home and went back to the bar and had sex with another girl a hour later. He said he told her that he did not want to be with her but he would see her on the side then that weekend after the bar is when she spent the night at his house nov 11 the letter was written on the 10 it was dated at the top. I told her about that and she said she dated the papper before she wrote it she will not tell me the truth and every time it gets brought up she ends up getting really mad and I dont know if this is my baby or not. And a paternity test before the baby is born is $600. and after all this evedence she still tells me to my face she only had sex with him that one night she said that they went to the bar the same night she spent the night at his house.I still love her I just have to know the truth its like a fire in my stomach and every time it starts to die down it finds more fuel I need to put it out because it hurts. If you read this give me some advice tell me what do you think I should do?
: you or someone you can trust can follow her and find out, then evrything will clear out.
anyway that what I would do, i hope i helped

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